RBES students create a WWII Museum

By Janis Renninger
RBES Public Affairs

Through the collaborative efforts of two 5th grade teachers, Dori Weinberg and Judi Hurston, and the gifted education/Read 180 program teacher, Betty Roberts, students of Robinson Barracks Elementary School put on a World War II Museum, June 1 to bring together all of the learning they had started earlier in the quarter.

The 5th graders read a wide variety of novels with theme of children and WWII. Each of the students created a book review box to showcase their novels for other students in the school. Students from the gifted education program completed presentations about the impact of swing jazz clubs in Germany and even developed interactive museum activities based on concepts like totalitarianism, resistance, and oppression.

The event helped the RBES students learn about the impacts of WWII in our history to the world we live in today, through both nonfiction research and literature.

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