Month of the Military Child Essay: Advantage of being a military-connected kid

By Chioma Mortanya
Patch Middle School, 8th Grade 

To me, being military-connected means living with the struggle of moving every couple of years, making new friends, and adjusting to new and different environments. Sometimes, I get kind of jealous of kids who live in one place for their whole life because they are surrounded by the same people, things, and places. But being military-connected can give you an advantage over the other kids. Being military-connected, you have the advantage to travel the world, see new things, and make friends with people all over the world. And because of those advantages, kids that you were jealous of could more rightfully be jealous of you.

Being military-connected could be thought of as a curse for some kids, but I consider it a blessing because of all the advantages I have over the other kids that I sometimes don’t see. Sometimes I have to think to myself, though I do have some disadvantages than other kids, I have more advantages, and I feel that some other military-connected kids having a hard time should see it that way.

Editor’s note: Essays and drawings from students across the Stuttgart military community are submitted to the School Liaison Office each March and published throughout the month of April on The Citizen, at the Panzer Main Exchange and read aloud on AFN Stuttgart radio to celebrate our military children in Stuttgart.