AFRICOM Public Affairs Team hosts exchange in Malawi

U.S. Africa Command

Members of U.S. Africa Command’s (AFRICOM) public affairs team gathered with public affairs officers (PAOs) from the Malawi Defense Force, and security sector to discuss public affairs best practices as part of Africa Endeavor 2017 at the Umodzi Park Convention Center in Malawi,  Aug. 16-18.

In the three-day exchange, PAOs from the Malawi Defense Force, national Police force and Ministry of Immigration shared personal and professional experiences in an exchange designed to build comprehension among different organizations and agencies.

“It’s important to hold meetings like this because as Public Affairs Officers, we are all faced with the same issues whether in Malawi, or the United States,” said Navy Lt. Cmdr. Anthony Falvo, AFRICOM’s Public Affairs Branch Chief. “Our field is one that forces PAOs to constantly be on top of their game and interpersonal exchanges like this help us to collectively stay sharp.”

Topics discussed during the meeting included communication synchronization, interview techniques and public affairs guidance. In addition to the discussions, participants enjoyed practical exercises where they put into action the skills they had just learned such as refining on-camera interview techniques and sharing in open dialogue regarding issues faced as public affairs professionals.

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