Pet Owners: Did you know there is a green bin for pet waste?

Pet owners can obtain plastic bags and dispose of pet waste in these green containers around post.

By Holly DeCarlo-White
USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

The Directorate of Public Works Installation Coordinators (DWP IC), who help ensure each installation is safe and clean, are reminding pet owning residents and dog park patrons to dispose of their pets waste inside the appropriate garbage bins.

There are green bins located throughout the installation where dog-walkers can obtain plastic bags and dispose of the waste.

The DPW recycling division has received frequent reports from host nation waste collectors, stating recent incidents where military community members just  threw plastic bags over walled trash islands, placed them on top instead of inside the trash bins, or even on the ground in the trash bin area.

“The excrement lands either on the top of the containers or on the ground. Sometimes the bags burst apart. This is causing an ongoing problem for the trash collectors,” said Robinson Barracks IC Earnest Epps.

This is NOT how or where to dispose of your pets waste. Use the green bins!Photo by USAG Stuttgart DPW

Improper disposal of any items in Germany, whether living on or off post, can result in trash not being collected if not meeting recycling and disposal requirements. It can also result in fines to individuals or the garrison.

In any community, regular trash collection and disposal services are vital to keeping our environment clean.  Community members are encouraged to do their part, use the proper bins and contact their local IC with questions on item, waste or hazardous material disposal.

View the waste and recycling guides on the DPW page at:

From the Housing Handbook:

AE Supplement 1 to AR 420-1, Appendix DD

Residents who are assigned to Army Family housing (AFH) are responsible for maintaining and controlling their pets in accordance with AE Supplement 1 to AR 420-1, Appendix DD.

Residents of Army Family housing (AFH) are responsible for maintaining and controlling their pets.

The privilege to have an animal is granted to residents based on their ability to meet responsibilities.

This privilege may be withdrawn if either of the following is true:

a. The pet is a threat to the health or safety of personnel or becomes a nuisance.

b. The pet owner fails to meet his or her responsibilities.

When outside the owner’s quarters, animals must be kept on a leash and accompanied by an Individual capable of controlling the pet. Children under the age of 12 without adult supervision are considered incapable of controlling pets.

Dogs and cats must not be allowed to relieve themselves on balconies, playgrounds, or within 50 feet of Family housing buildings. Pet owners will clean up excrement from their pets.

Installation coordinators advise that the only designated areas where dogs are allowed to walk without a leash are the dog walk/run park areas.