OSB or eSERB coming up? Better check “My Board File”

By Sgt. Michael Reinsch
U.S. Army Europe Public Affairs

Captains and majors affected by the upcoming Officer Separation Boards and enhanced Selective Early Retirement Boards need to review and certify their records, using the “My Board File” tool on the Human Resources Command website.

Across U.S. Army Europe, there are 575 majors and captains who are subject to the upcoming boards, which will look at captains in year groups 06 through 08, and majors in year groups 99 through 03.

The captains’ boards will meet from March 4 through 20, and the majors’ boards will meet from April 22 through May 13.

The “My Board File” tool allows officers who will be considered by the upcoming boards to review and certify board documents. The selection board will also see this file, which includes the officer’s official photo, officer record brief and documents from the performance section of the official military personnel file.

If there are errors or missing documents in the “My Board File,” officers will need to correct those records in their official files for their “My Board File” to be updated.

If you need to correct your records, your S1 is your primary point of contact. Your branch assignment officer can also assist if you need to update your OMPF or ORB.

In the last 10 to 12 years, file reviews indicate many personnel records have not received regular scrutiny for accuracy and completeness. Leaders who have officers subject to the boards should engage these officers to ensure that they understand the importance and necessity of this review.

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