Dependent ID cards necessary to fly

USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

The Air Mobility Command reported recently having to turn away personnel who were attempting to PCS out or travel Space A because their child dependents did not have the required Dependent ID cards.

Sponsor’s are always required to hold an ID card, in addition to their own, for any dependent age 10 or older. The requirement is outlined in the following regulations:

Reference DODI 4515.13r, Section 3.7, Paragraph a:


  1. All passengers must have in their possession a travel order or similar authorization issued by an appropriate authority and an official identification card issued by a DoD Component, federal, State, or local government authority. Additionally, overseas travelers must carry documents required by this issuance, Volume 14 of AMC Instruction 24-101, and the JTR, such as passports, immunization records, and visas. With the exception of emergency transportation or medical evacuation, passengers lacking proper identification and other documents may be denied transportation.

The paragraph points to the Air Mobility Command Instruction listed below:

Reference AMCI 24-101, Volume 14, Paragraph 23.1.1:

Section C-Passenger Processing

  1. Passenger Check-In.

23.1. General. Verify travel orders and perform check-in duties.

23.1.1. Check in procedures include: Collect orders from all Space-Required passengers and file with the flight package, check ID, passports and visas. Dependents 10 years old or older must have an ID card in order to travel. Prepare and issue passenger boarding passes, assign seats and brief passengers on flight information. Weigh and tag baggage, collect head tax, Federal Inspection Service (customs, agriculture, etc.) charges, meal fees, pet fees and excess baggage charges. PSAs will not review travel documentation for Space-A passengers at check-in (i.e., Passports, Travel Authorizations, etc.). Travel documents must be validated during the mark present process. ID cards may be used at check-in to expedite the check-in process.

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