Thoughts on 9/11, our partners, sacrifices

U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart personnel joined 57 wounded warriors from the U.S. along with European coalition partners on a bicycle ride at Bostalsee in August.

Commentary below by one Public Affairs Staff member in attendance:

It was an inspirational event. We now not only train and fight alongside our allies, but also heal and rebuild our confidence together.  As our long trail of bikes curved around the beautiful lake, I was reminded of how far we have come in the last decade since our national — and international — tragedy.

Eleven years ago, four planes deliberately crashed on our homeland and brought terror to our people. What we didn’t know then was how many other nations also experienced tragedy and loss in the World Trade Center, in the Pentagon, and in Pennsylvania. What we also didn’t know at the time is how our partners, our allies, would come to our side to support our efforts and join the fight. More than 90 percent of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan comes from the European Theater.

It is with these partners that we now fight. It is with these partners that we will heal as the fighting comes to an end. And it is with these partners that we will continue to bring peace and security to the world in the future.

As we remember those who have fallen and think of those who are deployed on this tragic anniversary, I ask you also to remember our partners who have made significant sacrifices and endured hardships equal to our own. Together, we will continue to fight for the dignity of mankind and together we will defend the liberties of people around the world.