Getting your license in Stuttgart

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Logistics Readiness Center (LRC) Stuttgart – Driver Testing/Training Office

The U.S. Army Europe (USAREUR) driver’s license allows personnel stationed in Stuttgart to drive in Germany without going through the process of obtaining a local driver’s license. It is also used as the basis for an International Driving Permit, which allows you to hit the road throughout Europe.

Germany is well-known for its autobahn, a network of roadways later emulated by the U.S. interstate highway system. Incoming personnel may be anxious to get behind the wheel and start zipping around, but before they do, they must know the rules. Anyone arriving on permanent change of station orders over 30 consecutive days falls under the Status of Forces Agreement and must have a USAREUR driver’s license to drive in Germany, including rental vehicles.

Obtaining this license is part of the standard U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart in-processing.

To get a USAREUR driver’s license, personnel must take an online orientation class followed by a test about road-sign identification and a series of questions pertaining to German and European traffic laws on Joint Knowledge Online (JKO). The fee for the license is $30, and applicants must possess a valid stateside (or national, if non-U.S.) driver’s license to obtain a USAREUR license. Personnel are advised to have their valid stateside or non-U.S. driver’s license, ID/CAC card, and USAREUR license when driving in Germany.

Take the test online prior to PCS

Personnel and family members may complete the mandatory training and exam online, including prior to arrival, using the “Joint Knowledge Online” (JKO) platform. Sponsors can access the site with their CAC, but must create accounts for family members in order for them to be able to complete the process online. The online certification is valid for sixty days and must be valid upon arrival at the Drivers Training/Testing Office for issuance of a license (you must wait 48 hours, or two business days, after passing the exam for verification to be transmitted to DTTO).

International Driving Permit

The DTTS can provide you the required paperwork for obtaining an International Driving Permit (IDP) for driving outside of Germany, but only after you receive your permanent USAREUR license. Paperwork for an IDP cannot be issued on the basis of a temporary license.

Driving a motorcycle

Active duty military personnel have special requirements to receive a motorcycle endorsement on their USAREUR license. Please visit our webpage to learn more.


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