How to outprocess properly

Central Processing Facility and Housing are located in building 2913, adjacent to the Exchange on Panzer Kaserne. Photo by Becca Castellano

USAG Stuttgart Directorate of Human Resources (DHR) – Central Processing Facility

The Central Processing Facility (CPF) assists you with your transition out of Stuttgart. By beginning this process early, CPF can position you for success. The goal is to make your transition out of Stuttgart as smooth as possible.

All DoD Civilians and Service Members in the rank of Private (E-1) through Colonel (O-6), including those in the Reserve/National Guard components on Active Duty Operational Support (ADOS) orders over 180 days in length assigned, attached, or otherwise performing duty in Stuttgart, must clear the Stuttgart Military Community prior to departing. The Transportation Office will ONLY begin scheduling for your household goods pick-up after they see the “Stamped” Out-Processing questionnaire that the CPF Team provided you.

Note: Army personnel (E-1 through O-6) on Active Duty for Operational Support (ADOS), ADOS-Reserve Component, or mobilization orders for 90 or more days are required to completely out-process at the end of the order through the nearest military installation transition point.

Out-Processing/Pre-Separation Briefings

In-person or Online Out-Processing PCS briefings are offered to all uniformed and Civilian Personnel (PCSing, ETSing, retiring, or separating). The in-person briefing is conducted the first Wednesday of the month. Due to limited seating, registration with Central Processing is required prior to attending. We advise personnel who are 30-120 days from departure to begin completion of the mandatory out-processing/pre-separation briefings.

The briefings provide helpful information from relevant services: Transportation, Customs, TRICARE, Vehicle Registration, Housing, VAT/UTAP, and the Exceptional Family Member Program, to name a few. Please refer to the CPF section on the official U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart webpage,, to access the online briefing.

When you have completed the online or in-person briefing, you must submit the ‘Joint Out-Processing Questionnaire’ via email with a copy of your PCS orders to the CPF mailbox:

NOTE: AE Reg 612-1, 13-2 requires completion of an online PCS briefing as an out-processing requirement. The in-person PCS Out-processing briefing is optional. You can begin out-processing without orders by submitting the ‘Joint Out-Processing Questionnaire’ but orders are required before issuing Installation Clearance Record (Military only). Civilian personnel need to have orders before any out-processing action is taken

Retiring/ETSing or Separating

All Branches of Uniformed Service must contact the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) on Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 2915, Room 419 at DSN (314) 596-2191/ CIV (0)9641-70-596-2191. At a minimum of 30 days before separating, a mandatory Separation History and Physical Exam (SHPE) appointment will need to be made at the Patch Health Clinic. No orders or clearing record is required to make an appointment. You must completely out-process the installation prior to starting your transition to leave. Please note, if you stay in Germany, you will no longer be entitled to any logistical support on transitional leave.

For information on the Army Service Member’s Retirement Briefing, please contact the Stuttgart Transition Center on Panzer Kaserne, Bldg. 2915, Room 421, at DSN (314) 596-2698/CIV (0)9641-70-596-2698.

Out-Processing Questionnaire

You can access the out-processing questionnaire through the CPF section on the official U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart webpage Fill out the questionnaire completely, digitally sign it, and send it via email to the CPF mail-box:

If transitioning out of uniformed military services, please provide the dates of your transition leave in the remarks block on the Out-Processing Questionnaire. Once the CPF Team receives the questionnaire, a copy is returned within 1-2 business days stamped with the “CPF Seal” so that you can begin your transportation out-processing. You do not need the Installation Clearance Record to begin making appointments with transportation, housing, or to schedule flights. Only orders are needed to begin out-processing with those agencies.

Installation Clearance Record

Service Members: Once the CPF receives your questionnaire, the CPF Team will include you in a time-saving, electronic pre-clear process.

Then, three weeks before you leave, agencies like Outdoor Recreation, the Library, Central Issuance Facility (CIF) etc., can pre-clear you if there is no reason for you to physically go to those locations. If an agency pre-clears you, that agency will appear with a digital name printed on your Installation Clearance Record showing you have been cleared of that agency. Those agencies without a printed name must be physically cleared prior to your departure date. Please note, for those Service Members that submit their questionnaire less than three weeks before their departure date, pre-clearance is not an option, and your Installation Clearance Record will include all necessary organizations and agencies with which you are required to clear in-person. After your pre-clear week, the CPF will generate your individualized “Installation Clearance Record” tailored to your situation.

Approximately two weeks prior to your departure, the CPF will email your Installation Clearance Record directly to the email address you provided on your questionnaire. Please be sure to provide an email address to which you will have access through your departure date. Whether you have gone through pre-clear or not, you must obtain a signature from each agency on your Installation Clearance Record. Marking these “not applicable” or signing off yourself will result in a “Failure to Clear” and be reported to your unit. If you are requesting to receive your Installation Clearance Record more than 10 working days prior to departing, please provide the CPF a memo from your commander confirming your scheduled leave or temporary duty dates that fall within the last two weeks prior to your departure. Your Installation Clearance Record expires 30 days from issuance. Therefore, if you are delayed by more than two weeks after your original date of departure, please call/email the CPF to update your new departure date.

Civilians: Once the CPF receives your questionnaire and Orders, the CPF will send your Installation Clearance Record (Out processing Checklist). Your supervisor has the authority to initial for the agencies you did not utilize. Once you have cleared every agency, you and your supervisor must sign and date the form confirming completion.

Final out for ALL

The “Final Out” appointment to turn in your completed Installation Clearance Record to the CPF is set two working days prior to your departure. Once your paperwork is complete, please submit your completed Installation Clearance Record via email or through the drop box outside the CPF office. CPF of­fice hours are 8 a.m.- noon and 1-4 p.m.; closed on U.S. federal holidays and the last Thursday of each month (from 1-4 p.m.) for training. If you receive an amendment or cancellation of orders, please let the CPF know of your new departure date.