‘Monkeying’ around at Affenberg Salem

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By Megan Brown
Special to The Citizen

Located in Salem, Germany, about one hour and forty-five minutes from Stuttgart, Affenberg Salem, known as Monkey Mountain, or hill, to many Americans, offers visitors of all ages adventure and a one-of-a-kind experience. Here, guests have the opportunity to hand-feed Barbary Macaque monkeys with popcorn.

Upon entering the park, guests are greeted with the sight of massive stork nests and storks resting on the roof of the buildings. In the gift shop, there’s a TV with live feed from a camera located inside the nest streaming views from the stork’s perspective.

The “Affenberg Schenke” restaurant and beer garden also offers German favorites, such as grilled brats, “Spätzle,” or Swabian egg noodles, fresh pretzels and beer.

Before entering the “monkey’s world,” all visitors receive a safety briefing held in German (English upon request). Following the briefing, patrons can enter a huge area where monkeys roam free. Visitors will also receive free popcorn to feed to the monkeys.

Important safety tips to follow: Only feed one piece of popcorn at a time, stay a meter away from the monkeys, and do not come up directly to them, walk on the sides.

In the central area, about halfway through the park, there are benches to sit right next to the monkeys. There are also feeding times throughout the day where park staff bring out broccoli, carrots, and cranberries. They also share information about the Barbary Macaques (German only).

Patrons should also not miss out on seeing deer, ducks, and fish throughout the park. The deer also get fed at various times during the day.

Helpful Tips:

  • Save popcorn for use throughout the area. There are multiple monkeys all over the park who want to be fed, do not just use all popcorn on the first monkey you spot.
  • If you run out of popcorn, you can still interact with the monkeys and it is enjoyable to watch others feed them.
  • Get there early to beat the crowds.
  • An information brochure in English can be picked up in the gift shop.
  • Hold your palm flat to ensure the monkeys can grab the popcorn.
  • Do not put popcorn anywhere besides your hand (monkeys are smart and will find it).
  • Pets such as dogs are not allowed.
  • Only feed the monkeys on the railings.

For admission and more information, visit http://www.affenberg-salem.de.