Great trips for warriors at up to half price from Stuttgart

The Patch Fitness Center joined forces with the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) and Stuttgart Warrior Pride Challenge (SWPC) in support of suicide prevention month for the Strong “Color” 5K Fun Run/Walk, Sept. 24, 2016 on Patch Barracks. Photo by Brian Cann

By Robert Quigley
Stuttgart Warrior Pride Challenge

ASAP is subsidizing up to 50 percent for the cost of selected events booked through MWR Tours or Outdoor Recreation.

For many people the weekend is a time to forget about the pressures of work – or at least try to – and enjoy spending time with family and friends. But this isn’t the case with everyone and it’s not uncommon to hear people complain about being bored at having little to do. There are though, many agencies in the garrison who dedicate themselves to providing entertainment for every age group and taste. FMWR, for example, has a long time experience in laying on everything from sports tournaments to city tours, yoga to hobby craft workshops.

For example, recent announcements for MWR Tours offer trips to Salzburg, Florence, Dresden and Heidelberg, while ODR activities include scuba diving, white water rafting, paragliding and zip lining. Glance at an MWR Tours or ODR flyer and you will see a short description of the activity and date, but note also how there are two price categories–one showing the regular price and another at half price along with the acronym ‘SWPC’.


Stuttgart Warrior Pride Challenge, or SWPC, is a program run by the Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) that discounts up to half off on selected tours and is available to active duty service members 05 and below.

“We ask participants to sign a pledge to abstain from drinking alcohol for the duration of an event, and by doing so they are able to prove to themselves how an enjoyable time can be had without the need to consume alcohol,” said Dr. Bala Fischer, garrison Alcohol and Drug Control officer, noting that membership to the program comes with this one small condition.  “Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle for our service members.” Upon signing the pledge, service members are given an SWPC membership card that allows them to receive a discount on selected events.

With the variety of tours and activities available, along with the SWPC price reduction, there is no better incentive for service members to go out, have fun and adventurous weekends, and form new friendships.

For further information about the Stuttgart Warrior Pride Challenge program, call DSN 596-2530  or 09641-705962530; MWR Tours 431-2104 or 0711-729-2104; or Outdoor Recreation at DSN: 421-4291 or 0711-729-4291.