Wildlife at Local Training Area Böblingen

By DPW Environmental Division

Page4_168168557 bat

Bechstein’s Bat

Bechstein’s Bat is a forest bat living in tree cavities. Such cavities can only be found in old trees like those growing in the forest areas at the Local Training Area Böblingen.

Page4_120035401 tiger beetle

Dune Tiger Beetle

The Dune Atiger Beetle is a predatory beetle species with large eyes and jaws. It lives on open sandy soils created due to military training activities. The beetle’s larvae live in vertical burrows tunneled into these open sandy soils.

frog toad

Yellow-bellied Toad

Shallow standing water bodies have been created as a result of military training activities. They warm up easily and are ideal habitats for Yellow-bellied Toads.

Page4_102121813 dragonfly

Dragonfly and damselfly

Various dragonfly and damselfly species also quickly establish their habitat in the shallow standing water bodies and puddles created from military training activities. The Four-spotted Chaser is a characteristic of plant-rich ponds.