Transferring medical records from Stuttgart

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Photo by Valeri Potapova /














By Spc. Jameka Wynn
Stuttgart Army Health Clinic
Patient Administration Division

People departing Stuttgart should follow these helpful tips for transferring medical records.

School-aged children

People that have school aged children should consider getting a copy of the child’s shot records and last physical.


Patients interested in receiving a copy of the medical records may do so. Requestors must allow 30 business days for turnaround.

Army and Air Force families

Active duty Army and Air Force personnel and their dependents will not hand carry their medical records. Records are transferred by mail when the gaining military medical facility requests them.

Navy and Marine Corps families

Active duty Navy and Marine Corps personnel must hand carry their records. Pick up of records requires orders.
The sponsor cannot pick up records for anyone over the age of 18 without a power of attorney, including spouses.