Motorists, pedestrians, cyclists urged to be extra careful in winter months

When driving in fog, set your headlight to low beam. This setting aims the beam of light down toward the roadway. German law (50/50 Law) states that if visibility is reduced to 50 meters (164 feet) or less, the maximum speed limit is 50 kilometers (30 miles) per hour. Rear fog lights can only be used when visibility is less than 50 meters. They cannot, however, be used within cities, towns or villages. (Photo Credit: USAG Ansbach Safety Office)

With long nights and short days, motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are urged to be extra careful.

Pedestrians and cyclists: Make sure you can be easily seen, especially at night, on dark days and in bad weather.


*       Bright or fluorescent clothes show up best by day, even in dull or misty weather.

*       In the dark, reflective material show up best in car headlights. Clothing with reflective patches or reflective tape on coats or school bags help pedestrians and cyclists, especially children, be better seen by vehicle drivers.

*       When out at night, choose routes that are well-lit by streetlights, and cross the road at well-lit places too.

*       If you have to walk on the road, always face the oncoming traffic. This is particularly important in poor light or in the dark.

*       Motorists should slow down and use caution, especially when driving in residential areas, around schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, bus stops or other areas where children and other pedestrians are common.

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