Holiday season heightens importance for vigilance

USAG Stuttgart Antiterrorism Office

During the upcoming holiday season, beginning with Halloween through New Year’s Eve, events with large gatherings and cultural significance present attractive targets for terrorists. U.S. and DoD interests continually faces an active terrorist threat, although there is no specific, actionable threat to the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart military community members and facilities remain attractive targets worldwide.

Lone offenders inspired by the international terrorist organizations ideology maintain an unwavering intent to attack the westerns abroad. The recent activities of lone offenders and international terrorist groups warrants a renewed emphasis on antiterrorism training, awareness and education. Antiterrorism awareness is a critical aspect of our profession both on and off duty because the threat of a terrorist incident is real.

The probability of collateral injuries from an incident has increased over the past few months, especially at transportation hubs. Terrorism remains an enduring, persistent, world-wide threat to our Armed Forces. One of our most effective techniques to prevent a terrorist attack is training and awareness of all of our key personnel: military, civilians, contractors and family members. Maintaining awareness in all activities both on and off post will help ensure the safety and security of the USAG Stuttgart community.

“Our Soldiers and their families know what they’ve signed up for, and they know the type of business we are in, but we can all help watch each other’s back. AT Awareness focuses on training; this is critical in protecting our people and enabling our missions. Awareness is our most certain defense against an act of terrorism. If you see something – say something,” said Robert J. Daul, USAG Stuttgart’s antiterrorism officer.

Report Activity

Reporting suspicious activity is also a very important. Any suspicious activity should be reported through the unit chain of command, the Military Police and/or Military Intelligence channels such as the IReport/IWatch mobile app.

What else can you do? 

Safeguard your Common Access Cards (CAC) and ID cards.  These can be extremely useful to someone with bad intentions.  Not only does it allow access to the installation and its services, but also grants access to USAG Stuttgart’s network.

Practice good OPSEC (operations security), be aware of what you post on social media (including pictures), and ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home.