Go ‘green’ this holiday season with eco-friendly tips

This year’s festivities don’t have to negatively impact our environment. Here are some easy tips to “green” the holiday season.

• Create holiday decorations from old greeting cards or cookie dough, and garland from strung popcorn or cranberries.

• Turn off or unplug holiday lights during the day. Doing so will not only save energy, but will also help your lights last longer.

• Think “green” while shopping. Try to buy items with minimal packaging and/or made with recycled content.

• Look for gifts that embody the concept of reuse, such as swings made from used tires and wooden toys made from scrap wood.

• Wrap gifts in recycled or reused wrapping paper or newspapers. Also remember to save or recycle used wrapping paper.

• Bake cookies or other goodies for friends and loved ones and package them in reusable and/or recyclable containers as gifts.

• If you host a party, set the table with cloth napkins and reusable dishes, glasses and silverware.

• Compost leftover food scraps and leaves.

After parties, fill your dishwasher to capacity before running it. You will run fewer cycles, which saves energy.

Source: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency