FAQ: Parking, tickets, boots on-post

Stuttgart military community member frequently asked questions about parking on-post, answered by the Directorate of Emergency Services, Military Police.

Q. If I get a parking ticket on-post, what does this mean to me?
A. On-post citations are on a DD form 1408, which will go directly to your commander or your Sponsors commander in which the commander will respond with his plan of action.

Q. What is the process to take care of the ticket?
A. Let your supervisors know, the PMO will send the command a copy. If you’re a spouse/dependent, let your Sponsor know.

Q. What is the policy on overnight parking?
A. There is no overnight parking allowed, unless it is at a barracks or in a housing area. Case-by-case exceptions can be granted by the MP Desk Sergeant, call 0711-680-5262.

Q. When can/will a car be booted?
A. The MPs will boot a vehicle if the vehicle is illegally parked and the MP cannot identify the owner, or if the vehicle appears to be abandoned, or if the license plates are removed for failure to re-register the vehicle.

Q. What is the process to have a boot removed?
A. If license plates were removed, vehicle owners must obtain a current registration prior to the boot being removed.  If it was booted for parking, notify the MP Desk while at the vehicle, and a MP will respond to close out the citation before removing the boot.

Q. What can happen if I abandon my vehicle when I leave?
A. A Law Enforcement Report will be generated and sent to the owners Command/Leadership titling the vehicle owner with Article 92 of the UCMJ. An automatic suspension of a USAREUR License will take place, and possible suspension of the stateside license as well.

Q. I am only going into the shoppette for a minute, why do I need to use a parking placard?
A. Any place with a parking placard/time-limited parking sign requires vehicle owners to place a parking placard on the dash – even if it’s only for a minute.

Questions? Contact the MP Desk at DSN: 431-3102/3095 or civ. 07031-15-3102/3095. For emergencies, always dial 112.