General Order 1B released — and explained

By USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs

Information courtesy of Stuttgart Legal Center

Library Technician Raechele Butler assists a customer at the Patch Library, complete with masks and a Plexiglas divider representing a “new normal” in the wake of COVID-19.

Col. Jason Condrey, U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart commander, provided details on the status of General Order 1A (in effect since March 27) on the virtual town hall of May 7.

General Order 1B was signed on May 8 and supersedes GO1A. The guide below is meant to help explain the order and the changes.

Click here to view the signed General Order 1B

What was GO1A?

GO1A was an order signed in late March by Maj. Gen. Joe Jarrard, the Senior Responsible Officer for Stuttgart, in the interest of good order and discipline and the health and safety of all personnel in our community. It effectively restricted movements and activities of our personnel to prevent and protect from the spread of COVID-19.

What is GO1B?

GO1B is an update to GO1A which reflects changes in the COVID situation on and off-post as restrictions on permissible movements and activities adjust.

To whom does the General Order apply?

It is applicable to all Service Members, Department of the Army Civilians, Department of Defense Civilians, Family Members, and others present on, or seeking access to, the military installations of USAG Stuttgart.

For those not subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the garrison commander does have the ability to control access to the installation and individual logistic support (ILS) privileges, which is why the applicability paragraph says the GO1B applies to anyone “seeking access” to USAG Stuttgart installations.  Therefore, the garrison commander could bar a contractor, family member, mission partner/tenant unit GS employee, retiree, etc. who violates the GO1B, from the USAG Stuttgart installation or services, or revoke ILS privileges, if necessary.

For questions on the interpretation and exemptions of the mission partner orders related to GO1, personnel should address their chain of command.

What are the main takeaways from GO1B?

Individuals in the Stuttgart Military Community must follow restrictions enacted by the host nation government.  It is not a violation of GO1B to use facilities or services opened by the HN government.  Those same services and facilities may not be immediately open on the installation.

Unofficial travel is limited to travel within Germany and must be conducted in accordance with host nation public health rules.  Official travel rules remain the same.

GO1B allows individuals to engage in outdoor activities, biking, running, hiking, etc. – to include traveling to conduct physical fitness activities in low density locations in Germany.

It remains a violation of the GO1 to fail to comply with official orders and directions issued from a medical authority/supervisor regarding quarantine, isolation, and/or conditional release.

What about restrictions from mission partner commands or tenant units?

The GO1B does not limit or prevent mission partner or tenant units on USAG Stuttgart from implementing additional measures or restrictions in place for members of their organization. Individuals must be familiar with unit rules and restrictions.