Wasps, bees, hornets: protected by law

Bees yellow-jacket-57308_640By Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division

All kind of creatures are protected by Germany’s Nature Protection Law, even wasps, bees and hornets. Killing these insects without reason is prohibited.

To help prevent conflicts:

  • Don’t attack the bees, wasps or hornets. Avoid quick movements.
  • Don’t destroy the nest. If located on an installation, contact the Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division at 421-6130/civ. 0711-7228-6130, or the fire department.
  • Perspiration attracts bees and wasps, so be careful when outside.
  • Keep dumpsters closed and clean; tightly close garbage bags.
  • When eating outdoors, cover food and drinks.
  • Attract and distract bees or wasps by placing a glass filled with apple juice a safe distance away from you.
  • Try this preventive measure: Wasps don’t like strong smells. Use lemon slices with cloves or burn coffee powder.