Vacation Bible School goes virtual

By USAG Stuttgart RSO

The Religious Services Organization’s (RSO) Vacation Bible School (VBS) classes are going virtual from August 17-21.

Community members can register for access to daily live interactive videos, crafts, and challenges tailored to their religious congregation. The first child to complete all five daily challenges will win a prize. Families can also compete together through the “Walk with Jesus Challenge” to walk the 131.4 miles that Jesus walked in Bible stories. 

The first 100 children registered will receive supplies for the daily VBS classes during weekend services on August 15 and 16. All participants will receive a certificate and a prize during religious services in September. 

To register, select your religious congregation’s form below. Once complete, email the form to the address found on the bottom of the form, or your chaplain. For more information contact Dr. Becky Powell at 09641-70596-3071.


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