Town Hall Q and A, Robinson Barracks

Graphic by USARMY

Robinson Barracks Town Hall Questions and Answers, 23. April 2024


Directorate of Public Works (DPW) and Housing

Q1: (from OCT) What is the plan for updating/fixing fire alarms across housing?

A1: The physical work of alarm replacement was completed; however some new issues arose, namely with sensitivity or false alarms.  If your building experiences issues with the fire alarm, we ask that the building coordinator submit a work order by calling the help desk.  In the event of a fire alarm activation or other Fire Emergency please call +49 711 729 112 to contact the USAG Stuttgart Fire Department.


Q2: (from OCT) Can we have a dog park near the 300 buildings (lower RB)?

A2:  We researched the feasibility.  However, based on competing priorities, an additional dog park is not feasible at this time.


Q3: (from OCT) Can we have lighting at the current dog park?

A3: Based on competing priorities, lighting at the dog parks is not feasible at this time.


Q4: (from OCT) Can we have a cleaning contract with the RBZ?

A4:  RBZ currently receives kitchen cleaning, vacuuming, sweeping and mopping 2x/mo.  Restrooms are cleaned 3x/week and trash is removed weekly.  If there are concerns that this standard is not being met, please contact your Installation Coordinator.


Q5: What is happening with the duplexes down at the bottom of the hill?

A5: Those buildings are currently being refurbished for future occupancy.


Q6: Any plans for an exit-only pedestrian gate at the bottom of the hill?

A6: The garrison looked at potential placement of another ESPG at various locations but didn’t find one that was feasible.  We will look at the potential for an exit-only gate.


Q7: Any plans for a second dog park on RB?

A7: Based on competing priorities, a second dog park is not feasible at this time.


Q8: We keep hearing about a plan to turn RBZ into a CDC. What is the long-term plan?

A8: A proposal to convert the RBZ into a CDC was contained in a long-term area plan for Robinson Barracks but the garrison has no intent to execute this plan in the coming years.


Q9: What will happen to the RB commissary when the one on Panzer opens.

A9: The long-term plan is consolidation of all commissaries.  However, we have yet to break ground for the new Panzer commissary so any consolidation activity is many years away.


Q10: Has increased traffic been factored into future commissary consolidation?

A10: The streets around Panzer Kaserne had additional turn lanes and signals installed to mitigate potential traffic impacts from the commissary in 2022.


Q11: Can we prune some of the tree that cover parking spaces near apartments on top of the hill?  Some of the chestnuts are starting to damage vehicles.

A11: We aren’t currently in cutting season.  However, we will assess the situation and prune the trees in the fall when it is allowed.  We are also seeking clarification on trimming that we can do now for safety reasons.


Directorate of Emergency Services (DES)

Q12 (from OCT) What is the average response time for fires?

A12: Fire response times differ for each Kaserne, specifically for RB, we average 8 minutes and 31 seconds a call.

  • From 1 May 2023 to 22 April 2024, we have responded to 67 alarms on RB.
    • 10 Medical
    • 1 HAZMAT
    • 2 Good intent calls
    • 54 False fire calls
  • Response times are impacted by the geographical dispersion and location of first responders. Police are on scene very quickly as we have patrols on every Kaserne 24/7.


Q13: Two people were arrested recently near Grafenwöhr for spying.  Should we be concerned in Stuttgart?

A13: All indications from the counter-intel staff in Stuttgart is that the people involved in this spy ring were gathering information in the Grafenwöhr area; there is no information currently that suggests these people were spying on facilities in Stuttgart.  That said, we must still remain vigilant for potential activity.  If you see something suspicious, alert the MPs.


Q14:  The license plate holders we receive for our vehicles identify us as affiliated with the US military.  What can we do to mitigate this?

A14: The Vehicle Registration Office does not provide license plate holders. They do advise customers that AAFES has plate holders for purchase or that customers may buy them on the economy.  At times, the Vehicle Processing Center makes license plate holders available to its customer, but those are not required to take or use.  If you have a license plate holder that identifies US affiliation, we recommend you go out and buy blank license plate holders.


Q15: Will additional security be in place for the upcoming Independence Day event given all that is happening in the world?

A15: Security for the Independence Day event includes measures that address large capacity events. Security forces, fire, and medical support have all been addressed and will be present from start to completion of the event.


Q16: We recently learned that visitor passes were limited to a single sponsor.  Is this a change? Can two people be listed on a visitor pass for a family member?

A16: Sponsors will ensure that visitors are physically escorted at all times. Sponsors who cannot escort their visitors may transfer that responsibility to another authorized sponsor who will print and sign their name and provide a telephone number on the back of the paper pass. Sponsors who do not physically escort their visitors and fail to correctly transfer sponsorship to another sponsor will lose their visitor sponsor privileges for 30 days for the first offense, for 120 days for the second offense, and for 1 year for the third offense. Area commanders may provide additional restrictions and limitations.


Q17: What is the policy for long-term visitors and how do they get an installation pass?

A17: Long-term visitor passes are available for immediate family members, ages 16 or older, of a DOD ID cardholder sponsor. These passes are valid for up to 90 days for family members residing outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and up to 1 year for those legally domiciled within the EEA. Background investigations, encompassing good conduct certificates, and U.S. Security Checks may be required for select individuals, with exemptions granted to minors under 18. Non-EEA citizens intending to stay beyond 90 days are obliged to obtain residence permits. Access privileges are confined to the sponsor’s installation, although exceptions may be considered for visits to other installations upon formal request. The parameters of access, including designated days and times, are at the discretion of the sponsor. Unfortunately, visitor sponsor privileges are not extended to any long-term pass holders under the current policy framework. Long-term pass holders may access the facility but may not sign in anyone else.


Exchange (AAFES)

Q18: What is being done with the space at the furniture store?

A18:  The Exchange uses the site as a furniture warehouse where all deliveries from Virgina take place.  We also store fixtures from various Exchange facilities to allow room for more merchandise in stockrooms. We are working to clean spaces visible to the community.


Q19: Can retirees shop in Exchanges?

A19:  Currently DoD extends full Exchange privileges (in-store and online) to honorably discharged veterans with 100% service connected disability, Medal of Honor recipients, and military retirees.

However, in Europe, Exchange privileges in overseas areas are at the discretion of the Host Country.  The SOFA agreement says that only personnel stationed in Europe and North Africa have shopping privileges.  In this instance, “stationed” means ordinarily resident or visiting Germany for a period of 30 days or more.

If you have questions on shopping eligibility, we encourage you to check with the Exchange or with Customs officials.


Directorate of Family & MWR (DFMWR)

Q20: Is there a possibility that the fitness center at RB will extend their staffing hours in the future?

A20: At the present time FMWR is unable to support extending the hours; current utilization data does not support the need.


Q21: Can we get hourly childcare for infants-age 2 years?

A21: Due to the design of the building, we do not have the ability or correct size fixtures/equipment to support that age group. The space was designed for school age children and above.  We can provide services to 3 and 4 years old with minor accommodations.


Q22: What are the requirements to be an FCC provider?  Is it accurate that providers have to live on the first floor?

A22: Those interested in becoming a Family Child Care (FCC) provider should contact CYS Parent Central Service at 09641-70596-7480/7483 (DSN 314-596-4780/7483).  FCC providers must reside on base but living on the first floor is NOT a requirement. Fire Safety will inspect all potential FCC homes, and it will be their determination if there are fire safety concerns associated with the story of the home from which the care is provided.


Q23: Can we get a lending closet at RB?

A23: We have looked a providing additional services but the demand didn’t justify the resources required.  We will explore some other options such as an online request form allowing the opportunity for greater efficiency.


Logistics Readiness Center (LRC)

Q24: Can we get more duty buses from RB to Kelley?

A 24:  We have no plans to expand duty bus routes.  In OCT, USAREUR/AF assumes control of duty bus and will evaluate all current routes.


Q25: What can be done about bad behavior on the duty bus?

A25: The garrison has adjusted bus schedules, we have turned on video cameras in the buses, and we are occasionally placing a person on some buses that monitors behavior.  If bad behavior is observed, please report it to MPs or to the LRC.


Q26: What is the minimum age to ride the duty bus?

A26: US Army Europe & Africa policy prohibits children under age 10 from being left unattended in vehicles.  A child must have a DoD ID card to ride the bus as well.


Q27: Can we place MPs on the duty bus?

A27: The garrison and LRC has occasionally placed monitors on buses to watch behavior.


Stuttgart Army Health Clinic

Q28: What is happening at the clinic?  We are having to wait two weeks for appointments for things like pink eye and the flu.

A28: The clinic is continually assessing ways to improve access to care for our beneficiaries especially for acute needs. Heading into the summer PCS season with staff transitions we are working to optimize access to our beneficiaries. If you have an acute need, we encourage you to call early to make your appointment. The call center is open from 0700-1630. For conditions like pink eye, you can walk-in to the Optometry clinic to get taken care of.


Q29: We hear there are staffing shortages at the clinic. Yet, there are also a dozen unemployed nurses in the community. What can be done to address this?

A29: The clinic continues to employ local talent either as full-time employees or through the Red Cross volunteer program. The challenging aspect of filling hiring actions comes down to specific position authorizations, criteria, and following fair hiring practices.