Tips from German Polizei to avoid a DUI

The fifth season, Fasching is in full gear, and many Fasching parties and dances are scheduled to take place.

At this time of the year motorists should be aware of an increased number of traffic controls and DUI checks performed by German Polizei.

Polizei conduct breathalyzer tests if they are suspicious of a motorist’s driving ability or attitude.

10 tips from German Polizei

• Plan your trip to the event and back in advance.

• Be responsible; stay sober. Don’t think that one more drink is fine.

• If you drank alcohol even though it wasn’t in the initial plan, make sure to give your car keys to somebody else.

• Alcohol, drugs and medication influence the way you drive.

• Take responsibility for others and keep them from getting behind the wheel of a car drunk.

• Never enter a car with a drunk driver.

• If you are the party host, tell your guests about possible police checks.

• Avoid costumes impacting elbowroom, visibility and hearing. Never wear a face mask when driving.

• Don’t underestimate your blood alcohol level, even if it’s the following morning.

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