Time limited parking enforcement increases for holiday season

A reminder from the Directorate of Emergency Services:

The 30 minute parking limitation is designed to help expedite access to services (CMR, Post Office, banks, café etc.) on Patch Barracks and all other locations where limited parking signs are posted.

All-day parking is not authorized in the areas marked with specified time limitations. Parking disks should also be placed in the dashboard of the vehicle marking the time of arrival.  Violators will be ticketed.

During the holiday season, Military Police are inspecting parking areas more frequently to ensure ease of access to mail rooms and Post Offices.

The Post Offices are overflowing with holiday mail. Community members are also urged to collect their mail often and as soon as possible when expecting a package.

Overflowing mail rooms with packages, Dec. 2017. Photo courtesy of the USAG Stuttgart Directorate of Human Resources