In-processing made easy at USAG Stuttgart Central Processing Facility

USAG Stuttgart Central Processing Facility (CPF)

The Central Processing Facility (CPF) is your one-stop shop in-processing center. Sponsors and personnel can register with in-process before arrival using a CAC card (be sure to select your email certificate) via the garrison SharePoint portal link located under ‘Popular Pages’ from the garrison official website homepage.

Newcomers will be scheduled for a rotating 10-day in-processing period to begin one or two duty days after arrival.

Unit assigned sponsors should ensure all newly assigned military and civilian personnel report to the CPF by the day after arrival. Newcomers attend all community in-processing before being released. New personnel will not be assigned duties until CPF in processing requirements are completed, per AE Reg. 612-1.

Service Members: start required In-processing at CPF no later than the second day after arrival.

Civilians: report first to the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center (CPAC), Bldg. 2948, Panzer Kaserne. When CPAC processing is complete, civilian employees immediately report to the CPF to complete the required in-processing before starting their new jobs.

10-day In-processing includes critical mandatory briefings and approximately three scheduled days that allow time to complete the garrison in-processing checklist and some unit in-processing. Locations are on the schedules provided by the CPF staff.

Community Briefing is in the afternoon on your first or second day.

  • Active Army personnel will begin their afternoon briefings at 1 p.m. to settle any travel and PCS vouchers with Army Finance.
  • All other personnel will start at 2:15 p.m.

Other mandatory briefings:

  • CPF overview of the schedule, in-processing checklist, and critical information.
  • Mandatory training – two hours of SHARP/SAPR, ASAP, and Suicide Prevention.

Note: CPF records attendance after each mandatory training session and provides it to the unit.

In-processing Training Center (ITC1 and ITC2) are two full days of mandatory briefings.

  • ITC1 briefings are conducted on Tuesdays in the CPF classroom and include; Antiterrorism, Passport/SOFA, OPSEC, Garrison Command brief, and several more.

ITC2 briefings are conducted on Thursdays in the Panzer Chapel and includes Family In-processing (spouses and children are welcome, c). All ITC2 briefings are streamlined towards family members and include TRICARE, Legal, Housing, Transportation, and several more. Family in processing is held on Thursday’s from 9 a.m.–4 p.m. at the Panzer Chapel. Childcare onsite may also be offered (as available), no sign up required to attend this briefing. Topics included: Religious Support, Army Community Service, Exceptional Family Member Program, Family Advocacy Program, Military Family Life Counselors, Child & Youth Services, School Liaison, TRICARE, medical and dental, the Veterinarian Clinic, transportation, housing and more.

Housing Office briefing is required before you are seen by their staff (contractors are not authorized to use housing services).

Resiliency Training is two days of mandatory training that covers seven modules of organizational and behavioral topics with the aim of improving teamwork and provide methods to deal with stress.

Drivers Training and Testing availability is noted on your schedule. All personnel assigned to Germany must have a USAREUR driver’s license before renting, driving or registering a vehicle on post. The Garrison Commander directed CPF staff to inform first termers to attend the classroom orientation. Online testing is also available on the Joint Knowledge Online site.

Host Nation Orientation (HNO) is required and newcomers must sign up online or via the USAG Stuttgart mobile app, under Appointments. Army Community Service (ACS) provides an overview of German language and customs. Later a bus trip includes tips on what to expect in restaurants and how to operate the local public transit systems. Bring euros and wear comfortable walking shoes (family members age 13 and older may attend).

Hospital Tour is optional. TRICARE patient liaison hosts the tour to a few of the local German hospitals and brief which hospitals provide emergency services and which provide what types specialty care. The Patch Medical Clinic does not have after hours or emergency care, and the nearest military hospital is Landstuhl, about three hours away by car.

Both the Hospital Tour and the Host Nation Orientation tour have limited seating. You must sign up through the USAG Stuttgart App or online through to reserve a seat. View the attendance policy. Note: the tour does not operate on German Holidays.

Spouses of incoming personnel are welcome to attend any training and tours. Children under 18 are not allowed in classes unless otherwise noted.

Get started earlier

The CPF is located on Panzer Kaserne Bldg. 2913 1st floor, open weekdays 8-11:50 a.m. and 12:50-4:30 p.m. DSN 596-2599 or CIV. 07031-15-2599.

Contact the CPF by email at to request in-processing information that includes duty bus schedules, installation maps, drivers training information and more.