MFLCs help weather bad times

Military and Family Life Consultants are licensed clinicians who provide non-medical counseling services to members of the military community.

Many consultants are embedded in local schools and commands.

Consultations with MFLCs are both free and anonymous; no records will be kept. However, they do maintain a duty to warn obligation regarding harm to self or others, domestic violence, child abuse, and current or future criminal activity.

MFLCs are available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

To contact a consultant, call the appropriate civilian phone number:

Stuttgart military community: 0160-9574-8279 or 0170-708-0715

U.S. Africa Command: 0152-2248-3789

Special Operations Command Europe: 0152-2649-2979

Children and teens: 0152-0265-8259 or 0150-499-5260

RB Elementary/Middle School: 0174-7454-7085 or 0174-454-6790

Böblingen Elementary/Middle School: 0162-751-0714 or 0174-655-1743

Patch Elementary School: 0174-454-6906

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