Maintaining Accurate Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) Information: A Guide for Service Members

Information from U.S. Army Europe and Africa Financial Management Policy Branch. Click/tap to enlarge.

USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs (based on information from USAG Stuttgart Housing Office and US Army Europe and Africa Financial Management Policy Branch)

As a Service Member stationed overseas, it’s essential to keep your contact information and rental status up to date to ensure Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) rates are accurate. The Department of Defense (DoD) relies on your reported rental costs and responses to official OHA questionnaires to set these rates. Here’s what you need to know:

Importance of Accurate OHA Data

The DoD reviews rental costs every six months to set OHA rates that cover 100% of rental costs for at least 80% of Service Members at each overseas duty location. Accurate data ensures these rates reflect the real costs incurred.

When to Update Your DD Form 2367

You must update your DD Form 2367 in the following situations:

  • Change in permanent duty location
  • Change in monthly rent
  • Change in utilities included in rent
  • Start of a new lease
  • Change in rent-sharing status

Responding to OHA Questionnaires

If you’re paying above the OHA rates, you might receive an email request to complete a brief OHA questionnaire to verify your rental information (e.g., monthly rent amount and square footage of the residence). The Department requires accurate contact information to ensure receipt of the questionnaire. If members do not respond and/or do not receive the questionnaire because of outdated contact information, OHA rental allowances cannot be adjusted. We need your support to maintain accurate OHA rates!

Keeping Contact Information Current

Ensure your contact information is updated in personnel and finance systems such as DEERS/milConnect and MyPay. This will ensure important information reaches you effectively. You can update your DEERS email address at an ID Card Online Office using this link: ID Card Online Office.

Process Overview:

  1. Service Member updates their DD2367 rental info and/or contact info.
  2. DoD emails OHA questionnaire to Service Member.
  3. Service Member responds to OHA questionnaire.
  4. DoD analyzes rental data & OHA questionnaire response to set new OHA rates.
  5. Updated rates are approved by the Uniformed Services and implemented.

By keeping your information current and responding to OHA questionnaires, you help maintain accurate OHA rates for all Service Members stationed overseas. Your cooperation is vital in ensuring fair and adequate housing allowances.