Going Green: Idling your car is a no-no.

shutterstock_98556761USAG Stuttgart Directorate of Public Works Environmental Division

Did you know that idling one’s car is illegal? German traffic law prohibits avoidable exhaust emissions. This means if your car is not moving (exceptions are at traffic lights) you must shut off your engine. This reduces the emission of toxic air pollutants and saves you fuel.

Respiratory problems and cardiovascular diseases are associated with car idling due to toxic pollutants. Reducing exhaust emissions reduces health risks.

The Federal Air Emission Ordinance establishes threshold values for air emissions. The daily average value of certain pollutants shall not be exceeded for more than 35 days in any one year. In 2013, Stuttgart’s city center exceeded the limit for 91 days, and in 2014, for 51 days.

Do the right thing and turn off your car engine when you are not driving. You can help keep Stuttgart’s air clean and breathable, and reduce health risks.