District of Boblingen reaches out for cycling support

Information provided by Landkreis Böblingen

What’s it all about?

City Cycling are an organization that has set out to improve the climate by encouraging cycling. Every year, they encourage cities to pedal for 21 days to promote cycling, raise awareness about climate protection and bring together communities.

The district of Böblingen is asking members of the USAG Stuttgart community to help them collect kilometers for your team and the local community. So, whether you’re cycling to work, or just for fun–the goal is CO2-free travel. You can even make your own team.

Who can take part?
All citizens in the participating  municipality, as well as all those who work, belong to a club or association, or attend school or university in the participating municipality.

The activity is undertaken every year and for Böblingen, the 21 consecutive days run between July 11 – July 31.

David Frérot, of the Böblingen District regional development team, said: “We would like to encourage our American fellow citizens to join us on our bikes and would be very happy if they would support us actively in this endeavor to start pedaling for 21 days for cycling (instead of driving) for climate protection and enjoy the fresh air of our communities while collecting a great amount of kilometers.”

How can I get involved?

Simply sign up for your municipality today on www.city-cycling.org. Either join an existing team or create your own – then get cycling! Enter the kilometers completed online or use the CITY CYCLING app to track your journeys.