City of Stuttgart shares information on traffic restrictions for UEFA EURO events

Reminder graphic by USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs


The city of Stuttgart is reminding people of traffic challenges in S-Bad Cannstatt and the city center during the UEFA EURO 2024 soccer event which runs from June 14 until July 14 in locations throughout Germany.  Five matches are planned in S-Bad Cannstatt with public viewings of other matches also taking place downtown throughout the month.

On match days in Stuttgart
Restrictions below are in place for the following dates when Stuttgart hosts USFA EURO matches: June 16, June 19, June 23, June 26, and July 5.

NeckarPark/Bad Cannstatt
On the above dates, Mercedesstraße will be fully closed from approx. 7 am. This means that it is no longer possible to drive to and from Bad Cannstatt via Mercedesstraße, Benzstraße, Daimlerstraße and Alte Untertürkheimer Straße.

The closures will make it very difficult to access the main traffic routes to and from Bad Cannstatt during the NeckarPark closures.

Traffic obstructions are expected in the districts of Bad Cannstatt, Untertürkheim and S-Ost due to traffic bypasses caused by the road closures. You are therefore urgently requested to use the signposted detour.

You are also requested to drive around the NeckarPark area on match days.

On match days in city center
Due to police situations, there may be temporary road closures on the main roads that cannot be planned.

The parking garages in the city center are not accessible. There are few parking options outside the city ring road.

Traffic obstructions are also expected due to the very high number of visitors in the city center.

On match days in Stuttgart, fan walks of the respective nations will take place. These sometimes lead to long closures of the main roads in the city center (B27, B27a) and the B14 in/from the direction of Bad Cannstatt. This will lead to major traffic bottlenecks in the city center and on the approach routes to the stadium.

The following closures are currently planned to accommodate fan walks:

June 16
From 1 p.m. for several hours: Closure of the B27 Friedrichstraße and B27a Theodor-Heuss-Straße in both directions.

June 19
From approx. 1 p.m. to approx. 6 p.m.: Closure of B14 Cannstatter Straße (both directions), Wolframstraße (direction B14), B14 Uferstraße (direction S-Zentrum), Neckartalstraße (direction S-Zentrum), König-Karl-Brücke (direction Bad Cannstatt).

Note: B10 access from Bad Cannstatt via König-Karl-Brücke free.

Also on June 19, from approx.. 1 p.m. to approx. 4:30 p.m.: Closure of B27 Friedrichstraße (direction Rotebühlplatz), B27 Heilbronner Straße (out of town to Türlenstraße), Schillerstraße (direction Arnulf-Klett-Platz).

Note: The closures of the two main roads B14 and B27 will largely take place at the same time.

June 23
From approx. 3 p.m.: B14 Cannstatter Straße, Wolframstraße and König-Karl-Brücke closed
From approx. 3 p.m. for several hours: closure of the B27 Friedrichstraße and B27a Theodor-Heuss-Straße in both directions

June 26
Fanwalk Belgium fans to the stadium: No relevant road closures

Due to the above-listed closures, traffic obstructions are expected in the inner-city districts and Bad Cannstatt.

On match days in Stuttgart, please avoid the city center districts and Bad Cannstatt/NeckarPark. Visitors are asked to drive to the park-and-ride lots and use public transportation. On match days, local public transport will run at more frequent intervals, with higher capacities and longer operating times.

If you still need to travel by car, please observe the current traffic reports, the information on the dynamic traffic information panels and the parking guidance systems.

Outside of match days in Stuttgart

City center
There may be situational road closures on the main roads that cannot be planned. These occur ad hoc in addition to the existing closures in the city center.

The parking garages in the city center are not accessible. There are few parking options outside the city ring road.

A large number of visitors are expected in Stuttgart over the entire EURO 2024. This will also affect traffic.

After the matches (irrespective of the venue in Stuttgart), obstructions due to motorcades must be expected. This may result in temporary road closures, particularly in the city center. Additional traffic disruptions are then expected.

Additional general information
In view of the restrictions described on and outside of match days in Stuttgart, visitors are strongly recommended to use the park-and-ride facilities, public transport, or bicycles. Residents are requested to park their vehicles outside the restricted areas.

The Stuttgart Integrated Traffic Management Center will provide up-to-date information about closures and traffic conditions, both with traffic reports and via the dynamic traffic information boards. The Traffic Management Center will also intervene to control traffic.