AtHoc sends force protection vigilance message

Service members, civilian and contractor employees, and family members across Europe are now able to sign up to receive emergency warnings and notifications through AtHoc, a mass-warning notification system that is available throughout all seven of the Army’s enduring communities across Europe.

Provided by AtHoc

The shooting near the Strasbourg Christmas market on 11 December highlights the continuing and unpredictable nature of the terrorist threat.  France has raised its terror alert level, sent additional security personnel to Strasbourg, and will implement increased security at other public holiday events and venues.  Coupled with the violent “yellow vest” protests, which could continue through the coming weeks, DoD personnel may be at increased collateral risk while traveling in France or potentially other areas of Europe.

All personnel should review their holiday travel plans and take prudent steps to help reduce risk.  Simple measures, such as deferring travel to another time, visiting during non-peak hours, quickly moving through and away from access points, and staying alert to your surroundings can help mitigate the risk of becoming a victim.  You also should monitor local media for updates, establish rally points for family and friends when away from home, and ensure everyone can communicate with each other and your unit to ensure accountability.

Know how to report suspicious activity, and if you see something suspicious, say something.  Together, we can make a real difference in keeping everyone safe while enjoying all that Europe has to offer.

To sign up for AtHoc, click here.

Protest coming to Regensburg Sunday

A small protest and march is scheduled in Regensburg, Dec. 16. Heightened vigilance and awareness, especially in and around the protest area, is recommended.