Local news translated – Tuesday, May 24

Host Nation Update, May 24, 2022

Current COVID situation in Baden Wuerttemberg

The B-W State Health Authority (LGA) reported that as of 23 May 2022, B-W had a hospitalization 7-D-I of 2.0 (-0.4), there were 96 (-15) COVID-19 patients in ICUs, and COVID-19 patients in B-W occupied 4.4% (-0.6) of the total operational ICU beds. RKI reported those numbers Germany-wide at 2.78, 815 (+14), and 3.8%, respectively. As of 23 May 2022, B-W had 7,707 new cases, 21 additional deaths, and about 187,641 active cases. One of B-W’s 44 counties had 7-D-Is over 500, the state capital Stuttgart (569.7). The 7-D-I rate in B-W was 274.6 (-41.1), below the national 7-D-I average of 312.1. The estimated reproduction rate in B-W was 0.70. In B-W, as of 23 May 2022, 8,345,945 (+379 / 75.2%) people had received an initial vaccination, 8,199,275 (+840 / 73.8%) were fully vaccinated, and 6,849,775 (+6,031 / 61.7%) had received booster vaccinations. (B-W/RKI) 

Monkeypox In Baden-Württemberg

The B-W Health Ministry is reporting the first case of monkeypox identified in B-W. The case was diagnosed on Monday, 23 May 22, in a patient who had recently returned from a trip to Spain. The patient is from Ortenaukreis, the B-W county directly across the Rhine from Strasbourg, and is being treated in isolation at the University Clinic in Freiburg. The patient exhibited fever, coughing, and skin rash typically associated with monkeypox. Up to Sunday, 22 May 22, four cases of monkeypox had been identified in Germany, one in Munich and three in Berlin. In an interview with public broadcaster SWR, Thomas Mertens, the head of the German Standing Immunization Commission (STIKO) stated that he is not as concerned about monkeypox as about coronavirus and does not see a likelihood of a situation like that with SARS-CoV-2. In a summary statement, Mertens said, “I do not see a large danger of a pandemic spread. But I do assume that quite a few people in Germany have been infected – through close contact – and that we will see further cases in the near future.” Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) told journalists that his ministry would release recommendations for isolation and quarantine probably as early as today, Tuesday, 24 May 22. The Health Ministry is considering a vaccination recommendation for high-risk persons and has already contacted monkeypox vaccine producers. On Monday, Great Britain issued a recommendation for a three-week quarantine and a monkeypox vaccination for close contacts. (SWR) 

Böblingen district – Finally festivities take place on Ascension Day, May 26

Döffingen traditionally experiences the clearly biggest boost on Ascension Day. Thousands of visitors flock to the Grafenau suburb for the Father’s Day market – and have done so for well over 40 years. However, there was also a longer forced break here recently. All the greater is the anticipation for the 42nd edition.

This time, the party starts on Wednesday, May 25, at 6 p.m. at the tent of the music association in Maichinger Straße – of course with a subsequent “Hocketse” (people sitting at beer tables and benches eating street food). On the actual market day, May 26, starting at 9 a.m., the merchants offer their goods at around 120 booths. The Grafenau associations will provide a varied range of food and drinks. The Grafenau Music Association, along with guests, will provide musical accompaniment on both days. In order to have enough space for the booths, the passage will be restricted already on Wednesday. Detours and parking facilities are designated.  

Musikverein Schönaich’s “Hocketse” will also take place on May 26 from 11 a.m. on the meadow between the community hall and the town hall. The youth wind orchestra, the play circle, the Egerländer formation of the city band Gerlingen and the symphonic wind orchestra Schönaich provide for the musical entertainment.. In case of bad weather, the event will take place in the community hall.  

The Holzgerlingen Harmonica Association offers Brats and drinks in the Klemmert on Ascension Day. The sale begins at 11 am. There will also be  beer tables and benches to sit and eat.  

The music association Weil im Schönbuch organizes the forest festival on the meadow at the “Zweiten Häusle”. The Hocketse location near the Weiler Hütte will be signposted on the B 464. The Musikverein Stadtkapelle Holzgerlingen and the hosts from the Musikverein Weil im Schönbuch will play, and there will be delicious food from the grill as well as coffee and cake.

Böblingen “Power Tower” forest beer garden opened  

For the official opening of the forest beer garden at the water tower at “Böblinger Waldburg”(Waldburgstr. 94, behind Panzer Housing area), the seats were packed late Sunday afternoon. “For me, this is a moment of happiness,” said the managing director of Schönbuch Braumanufaktur, Werner Dinkelaker.  Before Böblingen’s mayor Stefan Belz took the mallet in hand to tap the free beer keg, he said, looking at the water tower: “We came to the tower two years ago like the virgin to the child.” The municipal utility, as the previous owner, no longer needed the tower and had ceded it to the city, he said. However, due to safety concerns, it has already been closed since 2018 – to the chagrin of the population, who gladly accepted the 151 steps to overlook Böblingen and the surrounding area from the highest accessible structure. “As soon as we have found a good solution, the tower should be accessible again,” said the mayor. He did not name an exact date, but promised that the topic had already reached the building management department. Things went much faster at the subsequent keg tapping: After only one tab, the free beer was flowing down the thirsty throats.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, May 23)