Local news translated – March 9, 2023

Graphic by U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Host Nation Update, March 9, 2023

Böblingen district: Cold front coming Friday

“We are currently in a turbulent weather phase. This changes little at the weekend initially” says SZ/BZ weather expert Michael Schatt.

What weather awaits us at the weekend?

Michael Schatt: “Friday starts with temperatures of 8 degrees. Already in the morning, showers can pass through from time to time. Occasionally, the sun can show itself. The midday and afternoon will be similar. There will be showers from time to time, which can also be stronger at times. The highs in the afternoon will be around 10 degrees. The gusty wind will remain and blow around our ears from morning to evening. Speeds of 70 kilometers per hour are quite possible near showers.”

When will the wind die down?

Michael Schatt: “Also in the night to Saturday, the wind will initially remain with us. However, it will remain mostly dry. Temperatures will drop to minus one degree by early Saturday morning. Saturday morning will start with an alternation of sun and clouds. The rest of the day will be similar. Until the evening, sun and clouds will alternate. It will remain dry throughout the day. The wind also decreases significantly. In the morning, a few gusts of wind are still possible. These will subside by the evening. The weather on Sunday will be similar to Friday, with repeated gusts of wind around 60 kilometers per hour. Sunday morning will start with an alternation of sun and clouds. By noon, the clouds will become denser and it will start to rain in showers. In addition, the wind increases significantly again. Temperatures are again significantly higher than on Saturday with a high of 10 degrees.”

What special weather phenomena can we expect?

Michael Schatt: “Late Friday evening, a cold front reaches us, which pushes the temperatures down during the night to Saturday. While we’re at just under 10 degrees at 6 p.m., 12 hours later temperatures drop to minus one degree below freezing.” (SZBZ, March 9, 2023)


Böblingen: The Christmas market returns to the market square

Farewell to Böblingen’s Elbenplatz and a new concept: Fairytale Advent magic is to breathe fresh life into the Schlossberg.

Böblingen. If it is up to the administrative committee members of the Böblingen municipal council, the Christmas market will return to the market square at least from 2023 to 2027. As already practiced in the past, an external service provider is to be commissioned for the implementation of the Advent magic.

A proposal from the SPD+Left parliamentary group was well received by both the administration and the municipal councils. The group proposed that the Christmas market should once again be held between the town hall and the town church, as was the case between 1982 and 2004, and that it should be held under the motto “Fairytales” to make it even more attractive.

SPD city councilor Manuel Böhler had the idea for a completely new concept to bring the Christmas market back to where it had been for 22 years with stalls from 25 exhibitors giving the market square with its picturesque backdrop a pre-Christmas flair – until 2004.

Then the city decided to relocate the market. After the weekly market and “Schlemmen am See”, the Christmas market was also moved to Elbenplatz. Reasons for this move back then? More public traffic, easier accessibility for people who are no longer so good on foot.

But the Christmas market at the new location hardly triggered any enthusiasm, despite decent visitor numbers. In the beginning, the sandy ground caused problems; in winter, it was muddy and wet at Unterer See until the ground was given an asphalt surface. When it’s cold, the shore is draughty like pike soup. Year after year, therefore, the desire among visitors and in the local council makes the rounds, whether one could not move the Christmas market back to the marketplace.

This is now to happen – although at least initially, compared to Manuel Böhler’s proposal, in a somewhat slimmed-down form. His concept was to invite tenders for a new Christmas market, which could become a real attraction under the title “Böblinger Märchenweihnacht”. “Municipal buildings around the marketplace could also be involved in this,” he suggested. And he also recommended thinking about extending the event over a much longer period of time rather than having it take place over just five days. With a unique selling point such as the fairy tale theme, Böblingen could make itself known far beyond the city limits as a Christmas market town, as is the case in Esslingen with the medieval market, for example, said Manuel Böhler. (SZBZ, March 7. 2023)