Local news translated – March 22, 2024

Graphic by U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Public Affairs Office

Host Nation Update, March. 22, 2024

Busy roads during the Easter holidays

The trip for a short Easter vacation could end in a long traffic jam on one or the other Baden-Württemberg’s Autobahns on the weekend. The ADAC expects heavy traffic, especially on the notorious bottlenecks in the southwest’s freeway network at the start of the vacation on Friday (March 22) and shortly before the holiday on Maundy Thursday (March 28).   “It will hardly be possible to drive without traffic jams on these days,” warned Holger Bach from the Allgemeiner Deutscher Automobil-Club (ADAC) in Stuttgart on Tuesday. Traditionally, the first big travel wave of the year starts during the Easter vacations. In addition, there is transit traffic from federal states in which school is also mostly out. Last year had already shown how much people were on the move on these days. On the Wednesday before Maundy Thursday, traffic jams in Baden-Württemberg totaled 190 hours according to the ADAC and even lasted slightly longer than on Maundy Thursday itself (188 hours).  Bach said it was possible that this year some travelers were already leaving for the Easter weekend on the Wednesday before Maundy Thursday or were working from home on Maundy Thursday, which meant that there was less rush hour traffic. In his view, there should be significantly less traffic on Good Friday before the return journey begins on Easter Monday.
The Autobahn 8 is likely to become a traffic jam hotspot again in Baden-Württemberg. “In addition to the Albaufstieg, the section between Karlsruhe and the Stuttgart area will be the main focus,” said Bach. The A5 is also in the spotlight as a classic southbound route. To avoid traffic jams, the automotive experts advise, among other things, to plan your journey well. Rush hours can often be avoided if the journey starts early in the morning or later in the evening. Alternative routes should also be planned, even if they are slightly longer. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Mar 22)


Weather this weekend – Cold front hits Stuttgart region with rain and wind

Anyone expecting a beautiful start to spring could be disappointed at the weekend.

A cold air front will roll over Stuttgart. “We are expecting heavy rain on Saturday morning, which will then change to showers in the afternoon,” says a spokesperson for the German Weather Service (DWD). This means that there may be repeated interruptions in the rain with short dry spells in the afternoon. Around three to five liters of water per square meter are then expected to fall. According to the forecast, the showers will continue throughout Sunday.

The weather expert describes the gusts as “strong to stormy”, which corresponds to a wind speed of around 50 to 60 kilometers per hour. Meteorologists only call winds from 75 kilometers per hour gale force.  It will also be cold. “The maximum temperature will already be reached on Saturday morning with a maximum of eleven degrees”, says the spokesperson. On Sunday, the thermometer won’t even reach double digits. During the night, there will even be local frost and icy conditions, as temperatures will drop to 2 degrees on both Saturday and Sunday night.  Slippery conditions are then to be expected, especially in the mountains, the meteorologist continues. The snow line will drop to 800 meters on Saturday and even to 400 to 500 meters on Sunday night. By way of comparison, it is currently only snowing at an altitude of over 2000 meters.

The expert therefore advises all Stuttgart residents for the weekend: “Don’t pack away your winter jacket too quickly.” (Stgt Nachrichten, Mar 22)


What’s going on in Stuttgart on the weekend – Tips for great days out in Stuttgart

The start of spring with sun, wind and a rollercoaster of temperatures – Stuttgart has just the right program for both indoors and outdoors this weekend. Here are our tips.
Local soccer team “Stuttgarter Kickers” are top of the table in the regional league Südwest. To keep it that way, they need three points against Frankfurt this Saturday. Kick-off is at 2 p.m. in the Gazi Stadium (Stuttgart-Degerloch) – and Stuttgart can show what real promotion fever is all about with full rows. A walk beforehand, the best stadium sausage at half-time – and afterwards a view from the TV tower Visit (Stuttgart-West) Liederhalle-Trade fairs – 250 labels and manufacturers provide beautiful and sustainable products in the Hegelsaal of the Liederhalle. The event starts this Friday at 12 noon and day tickets are available for 14 euros (concessions 12 euros).  For Art-lovers: visit the exhibition openings on Friday. Painter Juliane Hundertmark calls out “Let’s fight” at the opening of her show at 7 pm at Galerie Schacher (Blumenstraße 15). Julia Wenz-Delaminsky’s show “Milaeui Opiseu” at Galerie Lauffer (Reinsburgstraße 178A) also opens this Friday at 7 pm.  The Galerie Sammlung Ammann (Schwabstraße 69/1). There will be the exhibition by Leandro Cultraro (opening: 7 pm) is entitled: “He just wants to play”. Funfair:Every year, Eliszi’s historic funfair in Killesberg Park makes eyes light up – and not just for children. The new season starts this Saturday. It starts at 11 a.m. – on the swing boat and, of course, in the throwing booth. Hiking: The organization “Naturfreundehaus Fuchsrain”, located in the east of Stuttgart (Neue Straße 150), will be heading to the Dürrbach Gorge to search for toads, among other things. The meeting point is at 2 p.m., you can register at asl-fuchsrain@naturfreunde-stuttgart.de, families pay ten euros. (SN, Mar 22)


Christine Kraayvanger re-elected as mayor for construction in Böblingen

The Böblingen municipal council has re-elected Christine Kraayvanger as mayor for construction with 24 out of 30 votes. Her relief and joy were clearly evident on Wednesday evening. She has already held the office for 16 years. The term of office of a building mayor ends after eight years and the position has to be advertised again. Kraayvanger applied again and her re-election marks her third term in office. (SN, Mar 22)


Traffic frustration due to closed Flugfeld-Allee in Böblingen

Drivers in Böblingen need strong nerves. The roadwork on Flugfeld-Allee is currently posing a particular challenge. The road is completely closed at the level of the fairground. Although access to the fairground is still free, it is impossible to drive through. What’s more, due to the construction work, there is only one lane on Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee leading into Böblingen. As a result of the roadworks, traffic jams back up to the highway and Sindelfingen at peak times. This causes frustration.
An inquiry to the city of Böblingen reveals: There are so many measures coming together there that the full closure was the only option. Frank Bader, outgoing head of the civil engineering and green spaces department, has an overview.
Flugfeld-Allee is currently being widened to four lanes because the freeway junction is being moved a few meters to the west. In future, this junction will lead into Flugfeld-Allee. In order to accommodate the new traffic volumes, Flugfeld-Allee has been gradually widened since last year. Construction work is currently underway on the last section at the Festplatz. This also includes the construction of the new junction between the highway access and Flugfeld-Allee. The ramp to the highway will then follow in the fall.  In order to cope with the larger volumes of traffic, Flugfeld-Allee is being given a new right-turn lane – as seen from Flugfeld. This right-turn lane is currently under construction and joins Wolfgang-Brumme-Allee at the Harley-Davidson building at Tower 66. The sidewalk, which will be removed as a result, will be moved a few meters. However, the new right-turn lane is a temporary solution. The construction work at this point is not coming to an end any time soon. When the new highway connection is in place, a temporary bridge will be built over the highway. It has to be built so that the existing bridge can be demolished and a new one built in its place. This will then have the right span for the extended A81.

At the moment, however, drivers can soon breathe a sigh of relief: according to the city, the full closure of Flugfeld-Allee will end at the end of March.  (SN, Mar 22, 2024)