Local news translated – Tuesday, Feb. 8

Host Nation Update, Tue, Feb. 8, 2022

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Baden-Württemberg adjusts Corona rules – What relaxations are to come
Stuttgart – The state government in Baden-Württemberg wants to adapt the Corona regulations for large events, gastronomy and schools. The council of ministers wants to decide on Tuesday in Stuttgart the new Corona regulation, with which in sport and culture more audience members may be allowed again. The adjustment provides that outdoors with the 2G-plus rule up to 10,000 spectators are allowed with a maximum occupancy of 50 percent. If an event organizer only wants to apply the 2G rule, 5,000 visitors are permitted. For indoor events, 4,000 people are allowed with the 2G-plus rule and 2,000 with the 2G rule. However, the state also allows a maximum occupancy of 50 percent here – not just 30 percent, as per last week’s decision by the states. 

In addition, the waiver of the Luca app is to be anchored in the new regulation. This means that anyone going to a restaurant or café should no longer have to leave contact details.  In addition, the government wants to sign off on the testing strategy for schools and daycare centers. According to this, the regular Corona tests in schools and daycare centers are to be continued until the Easter vacations, i.e. until mid-April. Cost: just under 95 million euros. According to the bill from the Ministry of Social Affairs, unvaccinated children and adolescents must continue to take a Corona rapid test three times a week until April 13. For PCR tests, two per week will suffice. Students whose second vaccination was more than three months ago and who have not been boostered must also continue to get tested regularly. Because of the high seven-day incidence, all teachers and students who have been vaccinated three times or who have recently recovered should also receive a voluntary testing offer of two tests per week. In terms of further relaxation, a government spokesman said the country will be “considering it” after the peak of the Omicron wave. Still, he said, there is a need to continue to protect the health care system from being overburdened.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Feb 8)

Chief physician gives all-clear: Sufficient beds available in clinics
Tübingen – There is already enough capacity for Covid 19 patients in the normal wards of university hospitals in the southwest, according to Michael Bamberg, chief physician in Tübingen. “There are enough reserves,” said the chief medical director and chairman of the board of the university hospital in the city. The severity of infection with the Omikron variant is actually much lower, he said, and with that comes less burden in intensive care units. “The Omikron course is virtually like a moderate or mild flu,” Bamberg said. Forecasts and calculations said the peak of the omicron wave would be reached around Feb. 17 and 18. After that, he said, there would be plenty of beds available to care for patients who were not critically ill in the normal wards. “To that extent, I’m optimistic that in a few weeks we’ll essentially be through this strain.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Feb 8)

Six counties in Baden-Württemberg with incidence above 2000
Stuttgart – In Baden-Württemberg, nearly 170,000 people have been infected with coronavirus in the past seven days. The seven-day incidence is 1516, a slight decrease from the previous day (1524) that could be explained by reporting delays. Only three of the 44 urban and rural counties report an incidence below the 1000 level, with the highest seven-day incidence currently in Ulm (2360). Changes to the Corona ordinance have been in effect since January 28.  In Germany, the incidence is 1441, with 13 of the 16 states exceeding 1000. The three exceptions are Saxony (963), Schleswig-Holstein (869), and Thuringia (775). Bavaria (1819) reports the highest incidence. Within seven days, nearly 1,200,000 new infections were reported nationwide.(Stuttgarter Nachrichten,Feb 8)

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