Local news translated – Friday, Feb. 25

Host Nation Update, Feb. 25, 2022

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Ministry: Novavax vaccine arrives on Tuesday
Stuttgart – The new vaccine from the U.S. company Novavax will be available in Baden-Württemberg starting next Tuesday according to the Ministry of Health, at a digital information event in Stuttgart on Thursday.

The vaccine will be offered primarily to healthcare workers. The hope is that unvaccinated employees, such as those at clinics and nursing homes, will be immunized with the vaccine before the facility-based vaccination requirement takes effect March 16.  It is planned that the vaccinations will initially only go to the federal states and not yet to doctors’ practices. The first shipments should total 1.4 million doses.

In the first quarter of 2022, Germany is to receive a total of around four million doses of Novavax, according to the Federal Ministry of Health. Up to 30 million more doses are then to follow from April to June. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Feb 25)

NON-COVID related news:

Protest in Stuttgart against war – young people set a political sign
Stuttgart – one young man stands on the street in front of the Russian Honorary Consulate in Feuerbach. “Fxxx this war!” he shouts into the evening sky. It is a helpless attempt to make a difference.  “We young people are paying the price,” We have a climate crisis, we have a social crisis, we have an emotional crisis – and now we have a war.

The Young Socialists, the Green Youth, the Young Union and the Young Liberals have arranged to hold a joint solidarity rally for Ukraine on Thursday evening at short notice. The Young European Federalists, the youth organization of the European Union, were also there. They have never done anything like this before. But they have also never experienced such a threat. They stand together with the greatest of ease, because they realize: this war is about Europe, about Western values, about freedom.  The echo is also remarkable: about 400 participants have come to the remote Leitzstraße, where the Russian honorary consulate is located, which remained silent despite many requests on this day. “We stand for Ukraine”, shout the demonstrators.   Young faces dominate the rally in front of the Russian Honorary Consulate. “As a generation that didn’t experience the Cold War ourselves, it’s also our responsibility to keep the peace in Europe and prevent war,” says chairwoman Lara Herter into the microphone. Instead of “watching the live ticker on the sofa,” people should stand up against war, she says to loud applause. Sarah Heim (Green Youth), Florian Hummel (Young Union), Anton Binneg (Young Liberals) and Roberta Walser (Young European Federalists) also call for active solidarity with Ukraine. Hummel laments the failure of the West, which for years turned a blind eye to the war in eastern Ukraine. Heim calls for sanctions against Russia’s oligarchs and allies – “even if they become chancellors one day.” An allusion to Putin’s friend Gerhard Schröder. In their speeches, these boys set different accents, but they work together – and want to continue to do so. “We stand for Ukraine,” they all shout together. “We stand by Ukraine’s side.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Feb 25) 

Solidarity action in Stuttgart and the region – Castles in Ukrainian blue-yellow
Stuttgart – The State Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg are also sending a signal of solidarity with Ukraine: on Friday evening, the facades of the Residenzschloss Ludwigsburg and Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart are to shine in Ukraine’s national colors. This was announced by the State Palaces and Gardens of Baden-Württemberg. They are responsible for 62 state-owned monuments.  “Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. The illumination should serve as a visible sign of our sympathy and connect us with all people who wish for peace in Ukraine, Russia and Europe,” said managing director Michael Hörrmann. Accordingly, the Residenzschloss in Ludwigsburg will be illuminated on three days starting on February 25. The Solitude Palace will shine in the Ukrainian colors this Friday. The facade of the New Palace had already been illuminated in blue-yellow on Thursday evening. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Feb 25)

A 81 between Sindelfingen and Böblingen – One lane temporarily closed
Böblingen/Sindelfingen – In connection with the widening of the A 81 to six lanes between the Sindelfingen-Ost and Böblingen-Hulb junctions, the highway company has announced traffic obstructions this coming weekend.  

From Saturday, February 26, 8 p.m., to Sunday, February 27, 10 a.m., the right lane will be closed on the A 81 in the direction of Singen between the Sindelfingen-Ost and Böblingen-Hulb junctions over a length of around 1.5 kilometers.  The reason for this is tree felling work required for the widening of the highway. Further information about the major project is available on the Internet at www.deges.de/a81-sindelfingen-ost-boeblingen-hulb.  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Feb 25) 

Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt – Fasnet light on “Schmotziger” Thursday
Stuttgart – It would have actually been the perfect weather to push the “racing cars” in a rush over the Cannstatt marketplace. However, due to Corona, the wooden “racing cars” remained in the garage on Thursday. The carnival weekly market, which normally takes place in the morning at the same location, was also cancelled once again.   Baron Graziano Luigi I of the Millenium, who had come with many other representatives of the society Gypsy Island from the west of Stuttgart to Bad Cannstatt, spoke of a “Fasnet light”. It was important to show presence nevertheless, he said. “We want to distract people at least a little bit. And get all the negative, which is currently occupying and burdening us all, a bit out of their heads.”

Anita Rösslein, president of the festive committee of Stuttgart carnival clubs, also showed up in Cannstatt’s old town. “With the carnival society, I have been involved in the carnival weekly market for about 20 years, it is bitter that it has been cancelled again.” “The relaxations came too late to get anything going.” And for a street parade, he said, the requirements were simply too high. “Corona-compliant, it can’t be managed within a reasonable, financial framework.”  (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, Feb 25)

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