Local news translated – Friday, April 29

Host Nation Update, Apr 29, 2022

Coronavirus in Baden-Württemberg – State wants to shorten quarantine to five days

In future, people infected with Corona will only have to spend five days in isolation in Baden-Württemberg. This was agreed on Thursday by the Ministry of Social Affairs and the leaders of the Green Party and the CDU. Until now, infected persons have been subject to mandatory isolation of ten days with free testing after seven days at the earliest. Beginning May, a final free test after five days will no longer be necessary for most people in B-W, provided they have had no symptoms for two days. There are exceptions for staff in clinics or nursing homes. Baden-Württemberg is following the example of Bavaria, where this regulation has already been in force since mid-April. Rhineland-Palatinate and Thuringia have also announced their intention to follow suit. On Thursday evening, the health ministers of the federal and state governments will again discuss the quarantine rules. According to reports, Baden-Württemberg is counting on a uniform regulation in all states. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, April 29)

Warning strike in Stuttgart – Protests continue next week

On Wednesday, May 4, Verdi is again calling on all daycare workers in Stuttgart and in the districts of Ludwigsburg, Rems-Murr and Böblingen to go on warning strike. A demonstration to Stuttgart City Hall is planned. Decentralized actions are planned in the districts. A statewide strike day will be held in Stuttgart on May 12.

School childcare is also on strike, which is why the GEB of Stuttgart schools is appealing to the city: “Make the social and educational services sustainably attractive!” Spokesperson Manja Reinholdt says: “We have also felt in the elementary schools abundantly clear how the shortage of skilled workers affects the quality and quantity of care. Special support needs are lost or not recognized due to the lack of staff.” (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, April 29)

A sign of solidarity from Sindelfingen – The first Ukrainian refugees are in the Glaspalast

The first refugee families from Ukraine have now also been accommodated in the Sindelfingen Glaspalast. The hall offers space for a maximum of 400 people. Many volunteers have brought a special expertise: They were once refugees themselves. While it was initially assumed that this emergency accommodation would be needed until August, it is currently only intended to be used until the end of May – for two reasons. On the one hand, living in a gymnasium is anything but ideal, says Bernhard. On the other hand, a longer use of the hall collides with the events and obligations it has entered into and with economic risks. The children’s play city “Simsalon”, for example, should be able to take place. As a precautionary measure, further emergency quarters are being created in the sports hall of the Gottlieb Daimler School and in Leonberg – 240 places, which are to be dismantled again by the end of the school holidays. The trade fair center – rented from the regional council – also currently accommodates 165 people. There would still be a buffer for another 150. Of the 584 refugees registered in Sindelfingen, many are accommodated privately. There are 77 Ukrainians in the Eschenriedhalle emergency shelter; at 120, the sports hall would be full.

For District Administrator Bernhard, it is therefore important to quickly increase capacity in the regular accommodations in the district – normal buildings with more privacy and cooking facilities. 560 places are currently in the stock, 780 are to be added in the near future. As for the Hotel Ritter in Sindelfingen, which was supposed to be demolished at the end of the month, Roland Bernhard is optimistic that the district council will reverse this decision. The district-owned property, whose 66 apartments are intended to provide low-cost housing for employees of the hospital association, is to be used temporarily for refugee accommodation for two or three years. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, April 29)

Baden-Wuerttemberg – This is how the weather will be at the weekend

The weekend will be rainy in Baden-Württemberg. From Friday afternoon, the clouds will spread more and more, predicts the German Weather Service (DWD) on Friday morning in Stuttgart. On Saturday, the sky in the state should be cloudy to overcast, then the rain sets in more and more places, forecast the meteorologists. Partly it can also come to heavy showers and thunderstorms, they said. In the higher mountainous areas, no more than nine degrees are expected, on the Upper Rhine up to 16 degrees. Also on Sunday, the DWD expects a lot of rain and partly thunderstorms with maximum temperatures around 11 degrees at higher altitudes, in Freiburg up to 18 degrees. (Stuttgarter Nachrichten, April 29)