Stuttgart High and Elementary School Pumpkin Drop

Physics students from Stuttgart High School and Stuttgart Elementary School worked together on a project to prevent a pumpkin from smashing when plummeting several meters to the ground. With support from the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Fire Department, pumpkins were launched from the aerial ladder truck to see who’s would survive the fall.

Children cheered at the top of their lungs as the pumpkins tumbled through the air. Would it break into a million mushy pieces or survive a fall of 90 feet?

The students watching sang songs or chanted as boxes were hoisted into the 70 to 90 feet high.

Classes decorated their own boxes and competed to see who had the most well-protected pumpkin.

The pumpkin drop heightened the spirits of  the students and kick-started Halloween night. It has been a tradition for the schools in the Stuttgart area for more than twenty years.

The annual Pumpkin Drop took place on Panzer Kaserne, Oct. 31.