RBES hosts special STEM Day for all students

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By Janis Renninger
RBES Public Affairs Officer

As anyone who has lived in Stuttgart knows, the afternoon commute across the city can be very difficult.

Robinson Barracks Elementary School is located in a unique location in the Stuttgart area where some students live within walking distance, but many students also live all the way across town at Kelley Barracks.

The distance, and the traffic can make attending evening events tough for students who live on other installations.

For the first time, RBES faculty decided to hold a STEM Day on a Friday early release/teacher training day, June 2, to be sure all students could participate in the activities.

Many have heard of STEM, the acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. STEM is a major educational initiative throughout the United States.

During the STEM Day event, students from K-5 went to six 20-minute STEM sessions around the school for the entire morning. This gave students an opportunity to work in multi-age groups and even with teachers they don’t normally see during the day.

The sessions varied from Slime Polymers, Float Your Boat, Power of Sound, Fingerprints with CID, and using Microscopes. There was even a Science Fair viewing available of 4th grade Science Fair projects.

The faculty at RBES looks forward to hosting similar events available to all students in the next school year.