RBES closes out year with state fair and field day

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State Fair

Have you ever wished you could visit all of the USA in one day?  Did you know the favorite jellybean of Minnesota is black licorice?  Did you know that Delaware was the first state in the Union? How about the importance of the Indy 500 to the state of Indiana?

Students at Robinson Barracks Elementary School learned this and much more, June 8.  In one of the last events of the school year, the 4th grade students put together their own State Fair Exhibition.

More than 40 miniature state floats were created by the students. The floats were a 3-D representation of what students had learned about a particular state that was studied over the fourth quarter. In addition to the float, students wrote and published their own ABC books about their states. From the animals, to education, to the state song, to even the state’s favorite jellybean—the students learned just about everything that there is to know about their assigned states.

In addition to talking about their float and book, the 4th graders also provided an edible treat or product for the rest of the school, as classes from kindergarten through 5th grade visited the State Fair throughout the day.

Katie Straub and Yolanda Best, 4th grade teachers, provided an opportunity for students to not only learn the facts but to also creatively demonstrate their learning.  DoDDS students spend years away from the States and this learning opportunity was just one more way for them all to connect to the USA!

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Field day photos by Sabrina Wilson

RBES Field Day

All elementary schools have their own strong traditions.

During the last few weeks of the school year, RBES holds its annual Field Day. All students from K-5 participate in more than 14 events, from the hula hoop marathon to the speed stacking contest.

This awesome event was organized by Mag McGinley, RBES physical education teacher,  with support from many adult community members, parents, teachers, and even an active duty Navy team of volunteers.

Just like any tradition, Field Day signals that it is time for the students to enjoy their last weeks together as the school year comes to a close. It was a hot day, and as a souvenir for Field Day, the RBES PTSA provided water bottles for the students. Music, laughter, smiles, and cheers were enjoyed by all.

(Stories and State Fair photos by Janis Renninger, Special Education Teacher, Robinson Barracks Elementary School)