Military Child Monday: Military children can grow everywhere

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Month of the Military Child
By: Brianna Weber

Being connected to the military feels amazing. I’m surrounded by kind and hardworking people. Personally, I’m a stepdaughter of a military member, and moving to Germany has by far been the best decision of my life.I have so many kind and amazing friends, all of which I met by moving here.Being connected to a military member doesn’t mean that you have to be a spouse or married. It could mean a personal connection, a biological connection, just some sort of connection. A personal connection meaning you’re with them for love, or a biological connection being you’re a son, daughter, or a stepchild. Being a military brat can be hard, due to leaving all of your friends, the time difference, or even family issues. But, being around all these people is inspiring to say the least. The military has so many people, but we’re all one huge family. Since we all go through the same struggles and the same problems, we know how to help each other. Overall, thank you to everyone for being so kind and for being there. Thanks for protecting us and risking your lives to protect our country. I appreciate your dedication and love for the military families and community!

Brave Hearts, Resilient Souls: This artwork relates to dandelions and young children blooming where ever they are. All military connected children are like dandelions because dandelions can grow everywhere in cold or warm climates just like Military children can grow everywhere or anywhere at all different times. We get to make new friends and experience a lot of new places, we get to live in places we have dreamt of visiting. Military connected children will always find a friend because they have someone just like them, a dandelion. Art by Claire Sheckleton, Patch Elementary School