DODEA to adopt Common Core State Standards

The Department of Defense Education Activity is adopting the Common Core State Standards into its curriculum, instruction, and assessment programs.
The CCSS initiative began more than two years ago as a collaboration between state governors and education leaders to introduce consistency in education systems across the nation. This initiative has garnered the support of 46 states, two territories, and the District of Columbia to date. All participants in the CCSS initiative are working together to implement high quality standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Science for kindergarten through 12th grade. These curriculum standards are research based, rigorous, relevant to the real world, and reflect the knowledge and skills America’s students need for success in college and careers.

Currently, CCSS are finalized in the English Language Arts and Mathematics content areas. DODEA will begin work on adopting the standards in these two areas and will continue to adopt the CCSS in Science as they are approved and become available. Adopting the CCSS will benefit DoDEA’s highly mobile student population which moves frequently between public schools and DODEA schools.
“The Common Core State Standards give momentum and credence to the promise of public education in America to provide the best and expect the best of all students everywhere,” said Marilee Fitzgerald, DODEA director. “DODEA’s adoption of the Common Core State Standards marks a defining point for our highly mobile students because consistent standards will enable DODEA students to more effectively stay on track even when their families are moving between the States or overseas.” The adoption of the CCSS will not mean that DODEA is moving toward a single national curriculum. However, the adoption and implementation of the CCSS standards will allow DODEA to use a diverse array of rich curriculum resources that will help formulate a curriculum that will meet the needs of its students. DODEA will ensure its curriculum and professional development are aligned with the CCSS. DODEA expects to implement the CCSS gradually over the next several years with the ultimate goal of providing a smooth transition from its current curriculum standards and the process will involve all members of the DODEA educational community. Both English Language Arts and Mathematics standards come with assessments not yet fully developed, and as soon as they are available, DODEA will implement those assessments. “We will move swiftly to adopt and implement the CCSS, keeping pace with our counterparts,” said Ms. Fitzgerald. “However, we will make the transition in thoughtful, measured steps to ensure we do our best wisely integrate changes in curriculum, instruction, and assessment into our existing framework. Our teachers, administrators, parents, and military commanders will play key roles in this process, and we will be seeking their advice, input, and expertise along the way,” she added.

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