Winter Safety: Walking safely on snow, ice

• Be alert and attentive to traffic and never cross the street until it’s safe. Remember, a vehicle’s stopping distance may be extended because of wintry road conditions.

• Watch where you’re walking. Look for slippery conditions caused by snow, ice, wet pavement or any combination of these conditions.

• If walking with a hood over your head, turn your body in each direction to check for traffic. Your vision and hearing may be reduced because of the hood.

• Be responsible and obey Walk/Don’t Walk signals. One-third of all fatal collisions result from pedestrians disregarding traffic signals or making dangerous judgments.

• Look left-right-left. If the road is clear, begin crossing. If you’re in a country where motorists drive on the left side of the road, reverse the process and look right-left-right. If a vehicle is approaching, be patient and wait until it passes.

• Continue to check for traffic in all directions when crossing the street, especially where vehicles may be making right turns on red.

• If there’s traffic at a crosswalk, make eye contact with drivers so they see you, understand your intentions and stop before you start to cross.

• Use sidewalks when they’re available, and be sure of your footing when stepping from the curb to the street.