USPS lift of lithium battery ban does not apply to Germany

If you are confused about whether you can or cannot receive a lithium battery-powered electronic device through the  mail, join the crowd. The U.S. Postal System announced  Nov. 15 that it would once again accept packages of electronic devices with lithium batteries bound for international destinations. But as of Nov. 26, Germany had not agreed to lift the ban, according to military postal officials.
While you may not be able to receive an item containing a lithium battery, you can mail such items to the States via military mail. The May 16 ban, issued by the International Civil Aviation Authority, applies to commercial aircraft. Commercial aircraft are used to move U.S. mail bound for Army Post Offices in Germany. However, mail headed to the U.S. from Germany is transported in military aircraft. When mailing electronic devices to the U.S., postal customers are reminded that a CMR address cannot be used as a return address. They must use a valid stateside address instead, different from the address of the recipient. For further instructions, visit your Army Post Office.