U.S. Navy prepares for the future of information warfare

The U.S. European Command Director of Intelligence presented the first group of Navy officers under the EUCOM umbrella with the new Information Dominance Warfare insignia at EUCOM Headquarters in Stuttgart Dec. 16.

As a service that relies on high levels of technologies, the U.S. Navy is transforming its culture to lead the world of information operations by training experienced personnel from various Navy disciplines. 

Rear Admiral Norman R. Hayes, EUCOM director of intelligence, presented the warfare device to 28 naval officers, all from specialties that make up the new Information Dominance Corps.

“As we build for the future of warfare in an age of information … the Information Dominance Corps places the Navy squarely in the forefront,” Hayes said. “We have taken specific missions that synergize between each other and brought them under one construct.”

“This will exponentially increase the effectiveness and produce optimal effects in the very complex cyber environment,” Hayes added.

Those who qualified for the pin include information warfare officers, naval intelligence officers, meteorological and oceanography officers, information professional officers, and space cadre officers.

“The warfare pin signifies a command identity for the Information Dominance Corps and denotes the wearer’s expertise in information-centric disciplines,” according to Rear Admiral Robin Braun, EUCOM deputy J3. “These officers will be viewed not just as enablers, but as warfare specialists, executing and leading the fight.”

These officers demonstrated experience in their particular fields and passed a test demonstrating their knowledge of the new Corps.

Hayes spoke to the officers about their duty to lead the way as some of the first recipients of the new warfare device. He told them to take care of the officers and enlisted working for them, and to ensure their subordinates and understand their roles in the Corps.

The Information Dominance Corps consists of more than 44,000 active and reserve officer, enlisted and civilian personnel Navy-wide and is an initiative of the U.S. Cyber Command.

Editor’s Note: Gloria Colon-Buzatu, USAG Stuttgart Public Affairs Office, contributed to this story.