Stuttgart launches garrison workforce Civilian Fitness Program

U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Commander Col. Glenn K. Dickenson signed a new policy at the end of April that encourages civilian employees to form healthier lifestyle habits.

The Army Civilian Fitness Program (CFP) is a Department of the Army program intended to encourage and motivate civilian employees to develop healthy lifestyles and enhance their quality of life and productivity.

The garrison command team encourages its workforce to have an active participation in fitness activities to promote and maintain employee health, enhance quality of life, increase productivity and improve morale.

This policy applies to garrison full-time Non-appropriated Fund (NAF), Appropriated Fund (AF) and Local National (LN) civilian employees. Supervisors can authorize up to three hours of paid excused absence per week to participate specifically in physical fitness activities.

It takes an average 21 days to form a habit and 60 days to create a habit. Take those first few weeks to get fit and reap the benefit! 

How to sign up for the USAG Stuttgart Civilian Fitness Program

  1. Download the program packet from or the garrison SharePoint site (CAC access).
  2. Obtain approval of your first-line supervisor and sign the Civilian Fitness Contract with your supervisor to participate.
  3. Complete the Physical Assessment Data form by making an appointment with the Army Wellness Center. LINK
  4. Make an appointment for your physical assessment evaluation with the Army Wellness Center by contacting DSN: 590-1601/civ. 06371-9464-1601 Monday – Friday 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
  5. After completing the required physical assessment, submit the Participant Enrollment Approval Form to the POC on the form.
  6. Both pre and post evaluation at the Wellness Center are MANDATORY which will ensure success and continuity of the program for you and others in future.
  7. Optional: Schedule or sign up to attend a free Back to Basics fitness orientations at any of the installation fitness centers at

So you’ve signed up for the Civilian Fitness Program. Now What?

Following your consultation with the Wellness Center and their recommendations, participants may also take advantage of the following resources available to AF, NAF and Local National personnel participants for the duration of the program:

  1. Wellness Center: Bod Pod, VO2, Shoe Clinic
  2. Nutritionist
  3. Massage
  4. Saunas inside of fitness facilities (Note: Only Women’s Sauna on Patch Barracks)
  5. Fitness Classes
  6. Personal Trainers

FAQ: USAG Stuttgart Civilian Fitness Program (CFP)

Why should I sign up?

This 6-month program is intended to encourage civilian employees of the Stuttgart garrison to reach a state of better physical, mental, and emotional health by providing resources to develop and maintain appropriate diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes.

Becoming accustomed to a regular fitness routine has shown to improve overall well-being.

Does every garrison agency grant excused absence for the CFP?

Excused absence for fitness activities can vary agency to agency; therefore, you should discuss participation in the program with your direct supervisor. Each directorate has discretion to excuse employees from their duties without loss of pay or charge to leave.  Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each department or agency head to balance support for employee health/wellness activities with the need to ensure that employees work requirements are fulfilled and that agency operations are conducted efficiently and effectively.

Can my supervisor refuse my request to participate in a CFP? 

Yes, participation requires first-line supervisor approval.  Participation should not impede or reduce accomplishment of the mission of the organization.

Do I have to be overweight or have a medical issue in order to participate?

Participation is NOT dependent upon having a medical or weight-control issue.  However, a medical screening may be recommended by the Army Wellness Center to ensure that anyone with an existing medical condition that would put them at risk has a physician approval before participating.  If the pre-physical assessment at the time of orientation indicate no health risks, the person is not required to have a medical evaluation before participating.

How long can a Civilian employee stay on the program?  

The Army allows a government Civilian to participate once in their Army career. The program is time limited to one 6-month period.  It includes up to 3 hours per week of excused absence for physical fitness activities during the duty day.  The AF/NAF/LN time cards will be annotated to reflect participation in the CFP (CFP Policy #71 (7).

I am not a garrison employee, does my command have a program?

Check with your individual command’s leadership for details about individual programs.

I am a Local National Employee. Can I take the fitness classes, and hire a personal trainer in addition to using the facilities during this program?

Yes. Local National employees may use all services available during this program. Stuttgart Family and MWR accepts credit cards for purchased services onsite.