Social media comes to USAREUR

Internet-based capabilities, to include social media Web sites, can now be accessed from U.S. Army Europe Nonsecure Internet Protocol Router Network computers.

“Opening up these Internet-based capabilities is an important step to allow users to connect, communicate and research,” said Col. John A. Cox, acting commander, 5th Signal Command.

The USAREUR policy follows on the heels of recent announcements by both Department of Defense and Department of the Army officials allowing access to these sites. Though the policy has been updated, securing the network is still a critical priority. 

“We have basic network protection in place and will continue to monitor the network for malicious activity associated with IBC,” said Lt. Col. Kurt A. Schosek, Europe-Theater Network Operations and Security Center director, 5th Signal Command.

Beyond the technological security of the network, users of Defense Department computer systems still have to be aware of the content of sites they visit. Users can better protect the computers and themselves by connecting only with known sites.

Operational security is also a key concern. IBC will only be allowed a limited amount of transfer speed on the network to allow mission critical data to continue.