Shopping the Exchange generated $1,052,217 for Stuttgart quality-of-life programs

Army-Air Force Exchange Service
News Release

Last year, the Stuttgart/U.S. European Command community generated $1,052,217 for critical quality-of-life programs as service members, retirees and their families shopped the EUCOM Army & Air Force Exchange Service.

The $1,052,217 dividend is used to support Stuttgart military community programs, such as fitness centers, Child Development Centers and the Galaxy Bowling and Entertainment Center.

“Shopping at the Exchange puts money right back into the Stuttgart military community,” said Mike Ryan, Exchange general manager. “This is what the Exchange is all about: Supporting our service members and their families.”

 The EUCOM Exchange dividend is a part of the $219 million the Exchange generated in 2017 worldwide. In the past 10 years, the Department of Defense retailer generated $2.4 billion to military Youth Services programs and other programs that make life better for service members and their families within the garrison’s installations.

The dividend is a key aspect of the Exchange’s mission to enhance the lives of service members and their families. Exchange shoppers receive convenient access to tax-free goods at exclusive military pricing while making an investment in local military communities.

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