Safety Corner: A safe workplace is everyone’s business

safetyBy USAG Stuttgart Safety Office

We all have a responsibility to recognize and report safety hazards that we observe in our workplaces.

This includes reporting people who endanger themselves and their coworkers by engaging in unsafe acts and horseplay while on the job.

Good observation skills are necessary in identifying safety hazards in the workplace. This means taking the necessary time required to inspect electrical equipment such as outlets, switches, computers, printers, fans and power tools, equipment chargers before each use, and immediately reporting any damaged or faulty equipment so that it can be removed from service until repairs are made.

Spills and debris left on the floor should be cleaned up or reported. Uneven floors, loose carpet seams, and broken sidewalks should also be reported.

For help in identifying and correcting safety and health hazards, call the U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart Safety Office at 431-3132/3133/3134.

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