Protect sign-in privileges by adhering to regs

Most  Americans stationed in Germany will want to bring friends and family onto a military installation at some point during their tours.

While service members, civilians and family members have this privilege, it can be taken away if individuals do not adhere to the regulations that come with it.
According to Army Europe 190-16 (Installation Access Control), service members, civilians and spouses signing guests onto an installation must remain with them at all times and sign them out as they leave. 

The person signing in the guest is also responsible for the behavior and actions of the visitor while on the installation.

As a result of increased walking patrols, local military police have noticed an upswing in sign-in violations over the last few weeks. “One recent incident involved a service member signing on a guest from Spain to help her move,” said Maj. Paul Goyne, U.S. Army Garrison Stuttgart director of emergency services.  

According to Goyne, an MP noticed that the visitor’s car was parked in an unauthorized space. When asked for an ID, the individual could not present one and was detained for failure to identify and taken to the MP station. The visitor’s escort was asked to report to the station. “At that point she was read her rights and was cited with a violation of the sign-in regulation,” Goyne said.

Service members who violate the sign-in regulations will have the privilege taken away indefinitely, according to Col. Carl D. Bird, USAG Stuttgart commander. Bird also said that other administrative actions could be taken as well.

Unauthorized or unescorted personnel pose a serious threat to the safety and security of service members and their families living on military installations, according to Shay Edwards, USAG Stuttgart antiterrorism officer.

“It only takes one person with the intent to harm service members and their families to cause a major incident,” Edwards said. “It is extremely important that the sign-in regulations are followed.”

Force protection is the responsibility of every individual in the community.
Community members are encouraged to immediately report anything out of the ordinary or when they suspect someone is on post without an escort.

To report suspicious activity, contact the MP desk at 430- 5262/civ. 0711-680-5262.