New Stuttgart speed cameras at work

The following is a translation from the German-language newspaper, “Stuttgarter Zeitung:”

The city of Stuttgart is hunting for speeders with three new speed cameras.

The new measuring devices are so-called semi-stationary speed cameras. These have the advantage for traffic monitoring that – and to the contrary of normal mobile systems – they can be used at various locations without having
to have personnel stationed there. The first system was installed on Monday at “Seeblickweg” in Stuttgart-Hofen according to a press release by the city of Stuttgart. On Tuesday, two more measuring instruments are to be
positioned at the “Neckartor” and “Pragstraße”. The speed camera at “Seeblickweg” is to be positioned there for at least a week. At the intersection Seeblickweg/Benzenäckerstraße, there have been fatal traffic accidents in recent years, according to the city.

The city of Stuttgart declares war on speeders. In the past, traffic monitoring in Stuttgart has already gained experience with these mobile measuring devices at “Planckstraße” and at the “Neckartor”.

“The evaluations have shown that excessive speed peaks can be sustainably reduced,” says Susanne Scherz, head of the Road Traffic Department at the Public Order Office.

In their war against speeders, the city of Stuttgart now wants to tighten the reins.

“In the future, more checks will be carried out in Stuttgart–at various locations and also at night,” Scherz stated in the press release.

The trailers of the mobile speed cameras are equipped with measuring and camera technology with their own power supply via batteries, says Joachim Elser,  head of the municipal traffic surveillance office. The systems can
monitor several lanes simultaneously for several days.